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How I became the Fresh Prince of Bill Gates Zen Master?
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American's Don't know why we celebrate the 4th of July

Recently I met a girl from Lituania on the train and we laughed about how I didn't know how to write music out in note formation as she did. But then it became terribly sad but true that I really didn't know much about her country the Soviet Union at that. Why am I so stupid? Is it really because they taught nothing in school, is my brain lazy to learn new things and obtain information out there, or is it just common to be common in America? I still thought this video was funny. Hehehe.

I have to admit. My gut feeling is even if I was to be able to tell you exactly what the history behind the 4th of July was. Whose to say that what they taught or say in history books is even true. I wasn't there. I don't know why they truly fought. I know what I have heard but what the real reasons behind the fighting and independence although they already sound pretty good could be far from what was said and sold to us as truth. "They then…

Its bigger than Hip Hop

It's bigger than Hip Hop. Who shot biggy smalls? These are questions that Dead Presidents asked hip hop in there song "Its bigger than Hip Hop" Well another MC that I am following on the web hipped me to some videos and from the looks of them "Its bigger than hip hop is definitely, well an understatement. I didn't know much about the Rothschilds but I guess this is a bit of some ones interpretation of their history and they compiled it for youtubers. See for yourself.

Andy Warhol, AMMA the Hugging Saint, FREE

Hello Secret Facebook Reader,

I really want you to know that this Saturday is going to be a big Andy Warhol celebration at the Brooklyn Museum.
I am really excited to go see the Andy Warhol paintings and then party with live Djs playing 80s Pop and Hip Hop Classics. Its going to be a great scene and has already been written up by Village Voice, amNewYork, Paper Mag, Refinery29 and Time Out NY. its going to be FREE.

Mikyoung (my partner) an I danced the night away last fourth of July together at the Brooklyn Museum. This year we are inviting you and yours to experience the same atmosphere.
Take a brief look and see for yourself what it will be like.
Hope you enjoyed that video. Yep and this year its going to be even better. So why not join us? Did I mention that Its FREE

Another FREE event that is sure to raise your spirit is the hug of the one and only AMMA the Hugging Saint. AMMA is visiting New York from July 4-6 and giving hugs non stop from t…