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Getting in the Astrology Zone

Hey there,
Hows it going now that retrograde has ended in the month of May for you?. Wait let me rephrase that because retrograde has not ended. It will end on June 7th. Yes I am into astrology and I have been keeping abreast of Mercury Retrograde and the latest with my Saturn Return since 2003 or so. Why well let me tell you how it all got started first.
My dad was also a leo so I was brought up being aware of that particular astrological sign I was and how it created my personality and attributes. My family would comment "oh you are just like your dad in that way" and knowing we were both Leo's helped me understand "what way" they were referring to. Later on as I got older at the age of 21 I met a young lady in a bar who was sort of obsessed with Leo's and she said "you are a leo I can tell and I can tell you all about yourself" I was curious and found out more about my sign through our friendship. By the year 2003 I lastly remembered being on…