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Mystic Fact or Sacred Fragrance? All Wings or all Eyes?

                        नयाँ शक्ती नेपाल
ContemporaryKali Pujain Bengal photo: @joel.bordeaux

⚔ Kali derives in part from the ancient deity of indigenous Tamil, India named "Kottavai" a warrior goddess. Kottavai rides a tiger, wears a necklace of tiger teeth, and shouts in victory kurava! on the battlefield where she comes to kill, eat flesh and drink blood. Kottavai embodies "ananku" an early conception of "shakti" the dangerous power inherent to the natural world, female humans, and deities. Ananku can be found in the breasts, loins, and genitals of living women, and manifests as both violent and sexual energy. In ancient cultures dramatic possession performances acting out the passionate and

Swagophilia's $ong of Fleshy Windمؤسسة مستشفى سرطان الاطفال


& other Early Hip Hip Yoga Workshops by U.D.A.K.O.V.A.  x  Or Nah

                                     post KIDZ HIP HOP YOGA @ BEATLES FEST  2016

CUNT as temple, 
cave, tomb & flower ☠


$wagophilia's $ong 
                      of Fleshy Wind