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And it "All Falls Down" live at MOBILE MONDAYS

Star Love Aka Princess Lockerooo is a truly multi-faceted performer. An NYC based recording artist and professional dancer/choreographer, she uses all her talents to create a unique and thrilling show that has audiences captivated by her dramatic costumes, vibrant stage presence, catchy music productions and unforgettable dancing style. She is an Icon in the NYC House music/Dance scene and is taking the music industry by storm with her new single “All Falls Down” tonight at MOBILE MONDAYS located on Bowery at Bowery Electric.

Find out more about STAR LOVE here and check out her latest single "All Falls Down"

Written by Rebecca Lynn:

3/31 MM! Paradise Garage Tribute Sponsored by West End Records
Please join me next Monday for my bday as we transport back to the most
important time in NYC Nightlife - The legendary Paradise Garage.
My bday last year was a disco Paradise dream come true!

This year we have a very Special Performance by my favorite …

Care to Dance?

As of today : 3567 Dancers, 74 Organizations and 39 Unique Styles have registered! Let's see if we can double those numbers by April 1st! Visit and click 'participate' to find out ways you can be a part of The 8th Annual Dance Parade & Festival when it takes over NYC on Saturday, May 17th! Please share this on your walls and #BeTheMomentum!

Ever heard of Kirtonica? Its pretty Stellar

Ever heard of Kirtonica? Its pretty Stellar. Check it out here.

Please note that the money used to purchase this album will go directly to the artist. Please support your artist directly by purchasing through bandcamp at the artist's chosen price and not the undercut value that amazon, Itunes and other outlets have set. Thank you. Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda.

Your donations are such a blessing to our artistic heart endeavors!! If you are so inspired, please feel free to donate more. We are already working on our next album and your contributions will help us greatly. Thank you so much.

$11.11-Shanti (Peace) Donation
$15.15-Prema (Love) Donation
$21.21-Shakti (Divine Feminine Creative Power)Donation
$31.31-Deva/Devi (God/Goddess) Donation
$41.41-Raj (Royal) Donation
$51.51-Maha (Grand/Infinite) Donation
$108-Maha Raj (Infinitely Royal) Donation!!

I have always loved the combination of tribal trance and house beats with Sanskrit mantra and…

Receive A Free Ticket Headsup! Dance Parade is having a showcase this Sunday on 4/30
SPECIAL OFFER!  Join Dance Parade New York's 'BE THE MOMENTUM' Campaign Before Midnight on Thursday, 3/27 and Receive A Free Ticket To This Sunday's SHOWCASE!
Visit Watch Our Grand Marshal's Appeal and Enjoy Some Great Prizes From Dance Parade on Indiegogo! *applies to contribution of $20 or more. $100 and above gets VIP entry with free food and drinks. Choice of either 3pm or 7pm Show! (find out more about our SHOWCASE here :
Here is a bit about who will be showcasing their dance
3pm Show (theater opens at 2pm)
*Benjamin Nathan of TapUnity (Tap)
*Iskra Ukrainian Dance Ensemble (Traditional Ukrainian)
*Kizomba Dance2Heartbeat (Kizomba)
*Marsha Parilla/Danza OrgΓ‘nica (Contemporary)
*a special presentation by Community Engagement Program…

Are you living with NO REGRETS? #teamnoregrets

Disclaimer: The text below was written originally by Natasha Blank or someone in her camp

We were so inspired by Yoko Ono's Bad Dancer video, we thought: Why just one video? Why not start a MOVEMENT?
And voila! #teamnoregrets was born. Steal the hashtag and share your own fearless dancing!

NATASHA BLANK Producer / Dance Director
MICHELLE JONI Producer / Cast Manager
RACHEL MCINTOSH Art Director / Set Designer
BANDON POLANCO Assistant Director
Filmed at FLAVORPILL NYC Headquarters

Thanks you to our fearless cast, and to YOKO for all your support!

SHARE SHARE SHARE! Let's inspire the world to boogie down without regrets.

Michelle JoniMuffinheadStar Love Princess LockerooDavidSaschaAbbyJannaBrandonBran…

Dana Leong Live Streaming @ Life After Dark Studio with UNDAKOVA

Thank you so much to Dana Leong for hitting me up to collaborate on this Live Stream experience. It went down in Harlem on Feb 28th between the hours of 3pm-5pm. Dana LeonG and hosted a wonderful live STREAM! rocking some great
#ElectronicMusic & Psychedelic Video by Marton Gabor J aka Juice. Dope Dj sets by val jeanty aka Val-Inc, jleeeeeezy. Check out the link here and visit to see when the next live stream will be happening to a computer screen near you.

LES Open mic featuring UNDAKOVA freestyles

Star Love told me about an open mic she was going to perform at in the LES. Naturally I went there to support and connect with her on her latest music that she was performing. Turns out she signed me up as the last act when no one else was around really and I was able to let some ideas off my chest. It was a great 20 minute set of new and old tunes but overall it was an opening to doing more open mice like this with Star Love and getting back into performing again daily. Check out the first 6 minutes of the set getting warmed up.

Allow me to introduce myself

In my lifetime I have experienced the african american with slave heritage embrace commercialism and capitalism, I have experienced the american american's occupy the space of the minority, the athiest occupy the mindset of the dogmatic religious figure, the privileged one occupy the desert like a colorful festive native american, the female occupy the space of the male dominating ego and opportunist, the religious guru occupy the space of the freakish rockstar, the gay and bi occupy the struggle of the married couple, and the human being aim to occupy the space of the alien in foreign worlds. Those spaces have already been occupied already by others and sufferd through. How about something new? If there was a new paradigm that hadn't been occupied before by another group in time what would it be? I only heard of few who said I just want to occupy the space of nirvana and pure happiness and peace always. For the next years of my life I am only attracting and multiplying with …

Miss Rebecca's Bday #Paradise Garage #45 RPM Singles #West End Records #Princess Lockerooo

Mobile Mondays! Miss Rebecca's Bday Paradise Garage Tribute on 45 RPM Singles! Sponsored by West End Records & Special Performance by Princess Lockerooo!Mobile Mondays! is NYC's All 45 Classic Dance Experience with a mission to Save the Music, Preserve DJ Culture & Bring Back the Vibe & Soul of NYC.

Come join us on 3/31 Miss Rebecca's Bday Paradise Garage Tribute Sponsored by West End Records. (listen to the link at the bottom to hear last years classic Paradise Garage MM Set on 45's)
Special Performance by Star Love Princess Lockerooo of Waacktopia

SAVE THE DATE! 3/31 Mobile Mondays!
Miss Rebecca's Bday Paradise Garage Tribute
Sponsored by Westend Records, Powered by Flavorpill NYC
Special Performance by Star Love Princess Lockerooo
with many Surprise Special Guests
CLASSIC NYC IS BACK! #TGFMM Keeping it all Alive!

Please RSVP on the Flavorpill link for guaranteed entry.…

The inside scoop on Mobile Mondays and an exclusive interview.

3/24 Next Mobile Mondays! is Large Pro's Bday Throwdown! You don't wanna miss his 45 Set! Last years set was beyond classic & we are also celebrating a very special bday for Felicia at Soulfulsips.

& Save the Date for 3/31 - Miss Rebecca's Paradise Garage Tribute Sponsored by West End Records with Special Performance by Star Love Princess Lockerooo. This is a night to be missed with Surprise Guests & Record Giveaways! Please RSVP on Flavorpill for Guaranteed Free Entry.
Come rock with The Mobile Mondays! All Stars every Monday at The Bowery Electric. Operator Emz, Joey Carvello, Natasha Diggs, Just Blaze, Misbehaviour & $$ Mike spinning all 45's all night!


The Bowery Electric is located at 327 Bowery at 2nd St.
MM is on a Mission to Keep Real Music Alive, Preserve & Celebrate DJ Culture & Bring Back the Vibe & Soul of NYC!

Honoring the life of Dallace Zeigler

In collaboration with AXM Fridays we present to you:

Party in honor of our belated Dallace Zeigler 

Friday March 28th 10:30 PM
Gallery Bar
120 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002
(between Delancey and Rivington)
No cover (suggested donation of $10)

With performances by:
Nunney Karma
Kia Labeija
Christina Nicole James
and more!!

On February 6th 2014 an amazing spirit and living disco ball Dallace Zeigler passed away. She will be greatly missed in the underground dance community and by those who loved her.
Therefore we're throwing this party to celebrate this legendary dancer, teacher, mentor and choreographer and truly say "Until next time, Dallace" once and for all. It will also be a fundraiser to raise money for her young daughters to help pay the medical bills. All profits from this event including the cover will go directly to the daughters of Dallace Zeigler.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP/CONTRIBUTE, please contact one of the hosts of this event.


"Introduce Me" sounds of Srikology in the mix.

Introducing to you the sound of a one of a kind Brooklynite by the name of Srikala. This positive brother has always generated the most high frequency in communication as long as I have known him. I am honor'd to introduce a man who truly resonates such blessed vibes that he needs no introduction from me at all. You already know. Click the link below and listen to

Introduce Me

Recently signed to "Black Swan Sounds" they have been thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Srikalogy's NEW PARADIGM. Coming May 20th, the album is loaded with hip hop insight, dancehall vibes, earthly textures and otherworldly rhythms.

As diverse as Srikalogy's hometown of Brooklyn, this eclectic and electrifying set of tracks finds it integral groove in the artist's One Love philosophy, and leads the way towards a fresh vision for unity through music.

In celebration of Gaura Purnima -- the Golden Full Moon -- and to introduce you to Srikalogy's astounding breakthrough in …

Undakova Helps Raise Funds at ABC Sanctuary

This Valentine's Day and Full Moon I joined up with some of the community yogi's and teachers for a  party to help us raise money for ABC Sanctuary and La Plaza Cultural Community Garden.

The tickets were $20 and done free entry to the raffle and a free drink.

I was there as DJ Undakova ( ) and spun some great tunes from 8pm until. There was a bar, and raffle with cool prizes of private yoga classes and massages that myself and Star Love helped to announce. Every now and then after my DJ set I would go into a freestyle and eventually present the raffle winner with STAR LOVE by my side making the announcements. It was a lot of fun.

All money raised went to help us build an altar for the studio and to help La Plaza Cultural community garden provide a mural for the neighborhood.

43 Places to Promote Your Music and the 20 Worst Indie Artist Mistakes

The link above comes to me every month. In the indie contact newsletter you will get the listings and email addresses of

1. Publications, Review Websites and Music Blogs that will REVIEW your music
2. Radio Stations, Shows and Podcasts that will PLAY your songs
3. Labels, Vendors, Distributors and Promotional Services that will help you to SELL your CD
4. Sites where you can UPLOAD your band's MP3s or videos
5. A wide range of Helpful Resources for recording artists

and an article written by someone who has more knowledge about the music industry that I do.

THIS MONTH'S ARTICLE by Johnny Dwinell

20 Worst Indie Artist Mistakes
by Johnny Dwinell, Daredevil Production
© 2014 All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

In my job, I get to speak with many indie artists who are at different points in their journey. They consistently make these common major mistakes. Changing your approach will change your career. I made this personal t…

Is Monday the best day of the week to party?

Wanna Shake your groove thing with Undakova, Princess Lockerooo and the crew? Come party with us at Mobile Mondays 3/17 at the Bowery Elecrtic with DJ Shakey

We welcome DJ Shakey join the fb invite. She will doing an all 45 Set as the kick off for her Record Fair that takes place Wednesday March 19th at Black Bear Bar (former Public Assembly back room).

Special thanks to everyone who came last Monday for Michael Holman's, it was a classic night. His set was crazy! Graffti Rock Rules!

You can listen to The MM All Stars now on The Future FM.

& Come rock with The Mobile Mondays! All Stars every Monday at The Bowery Electric. Operator Emz, Joey Carvello, Natasha Diggs, Just Blaze, Misbehaviour & $ Mike spinning all 45's all night!

The Bowery Electric is located at 327 Bowery at 2nd St.

MM is on a Mission to Keep Real Music Alive, Preserve & Celebrate DJ Culture & Bring Back the Vibe & Soul of NYC!

Volunteer Spotlight : Written by Chauncey Dandridge on February 13, 2014 did you first find out about Dance Parade?   I first heard about Dance Parade a number of times randomly because of living in the lower east side where the parade ends up in Tompkins Square park. In the process of growing as an artist I met Princess Lockerooo she told me about the dance parade and said that there would be a possibility I could DJ for her and the Waacktion heroes on an Ovation sponsored float and stand for a TV channel that supported the arts on television while also representing Disco, Waacking, Soul Train and the international dancers all around the world. This is when Dance parade first popped up on my radar as something I wanted to partake in, helping to gain sponsorship and recognition for these art forms. What is your current role in Dance Parade? I am a volunteer in Dance Parade who specializes in marketing and graphic design. I continuously help with my DJing as well as in developing socia…