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What is your going into the New Year Theme Song?

I have to admit that I have tried to slow down and think about my new years goals but you know how "trying" anything goes. No avail. But yes I have gave them some thought and thats the start thus far. What I do know is that of course I want to do some excercise like tai chi and yoga and I also want to be more financially aware. My choices still haven't been narrowed down and materialized yet though and when that happens I will consider myself someone who had put the manifestation of my dreams into motion. After work tomorrow will be a good time I do know at this point I am going to sleep hahaha. Excuses excuses I know I know. Anyhow the reason I blogged this was because what I have chosen was my New Years eve theme song. This song came to me and I have decided that I am going into the new year with this song in mind. Watch out world!!!

Financial IQ book review

Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ: It's Time to Get Smarter with Your Money by Robert T. Kiyosaki

My review
rating: 4 of 5 stars
I got a lot out of this book that I immediately put into action. Some of the long lasting effects this book has had on me are the ways I view my process of handling money. The steps are real simple and anyone can apply them as you go through the cycle of steps or perhaps work on one step and build it up it will increase your knowledge of money and your ability to grow your money. I know that all sounds a bit general but so was the book. The point is the basic and game plan were amazing and from there the technical stuff and terminology begins to be easy as you grow. Don't sleep on Robert and his niche market for people like myself who are just starting to learn to pay myself and assets rather than complain that the system keeps people poor. Next up is mastering cashflow. Peace

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I am all Twitter'd Out

I am all twitter'd out. Which means I am delirious about the internet and all its wacky applications, websites and gadgets. Just recently in October I got my hands on a website called Twitter the day before Halloween. In basically 3 months I have about 90 people that I am following including Barack Obama!!

Can you even believe the guy who started what we now know as blogging, Evan Williams is the same dude that started Twitter? Yup I read that fact in the Twitter report ( that you can get for free in the link below this blog.

Other than twitter allowing people to connect with a few 140 word messages instantly to each others twitter site it seems twitter has also been going directly to my phone like a text message and even connected to my myspace page, tagged page, blogs, and facebook all in an instant. How wonder I am twitter'd out. Ha.

Yep and that's only the beginning of what this amazing revolutionary tool is capable of. You can send pics …

"The Twitter Report" - Summary, Review, & How To Get Your Free Copy...

I just finished reading a new report by Walter M. Prorok Jr. and Chris Vendilli. Inside this report Walt & Chris talk about the in's & out's of configuring your Twitter account along with some free third party services to maximize your traffic & exposure.

I was skeptical at first, but after reading through the whole report and watching a couple of the videos available at their website I must say, I'm beyond impressed.

These two guys have been silently attracting visitor after visitor to their sites using Twitter, and they've created a step by step guide so that anyone can replicate their ideas & systems.

Yes, that's right, it's another "system." Most of us, as marketers, have pretty much come to recognize the word "system" as overused and often incorrectly placed. But, with "The Twitter Report" and the videos that follow, this stuff really is formatted into what you could correctly label a "system" at it&#…

Undakova Vs July 5th

Well here I am in the Willpowa Center after Djing at Swift for 4th of July. The city was kinda slow and quiet tonight. We had some rain and some misty times. Tomorrow is another day. I will be meeting with Lin and speaking with Layton. Two extremely important souls in my life and in the life-span of Willpowa. I am sure you will be hearing more about the contributions they have brought to the table. Anyhow I am staying vague on future plans for now and just enjoying the moment. Set up some morning yoga with a fellow waitress at the bar tonight. I am going to learn a new style of yoga called Vinyasa. I should be heading off to bed now. I am just reading up on the Reason Propellerhead website for tips on production. Yup I am taking it serious once again. My occupation will no longer be Creative motivator of Willpowa but DJ/Producer and Publisher known as David Williams. The Willpowa thing was going well but as far as income and speed goes it needs a boost from me focussing on my trade. I…

Its about time I start letting you in

So check it. I am at the Willpowa Center now. So much has developed me and my life since I decided to take the Willpowa 5 Element Theory into action in my life. See I am an experiment of the W5ET (Willpowa 5th Element Theory) and what that means is i am a student of the elements training to one day master all 5 elements. Anyhow. Right now I am in the Willpowa Center typing from the lower east side and promoting Willpowa Wednesdays here in the Manhattans very own XR bar on 128 Houston St on the corner of Sullivan Street. Yup today is the first Wednesday of the month so we are focussing this Wed on the Sound Element. New York's premier producer party. Listening to over 10 producers DJ and display their music. How cool is that? Yep and SPOGGA is performing two live sets of acoustic dopeness.

This blog will keep you updated to what is really going down and I will promise to update it every week. Ya heard. Much love and respect.