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Concrete Jungle

Don't stop the Music

Now is time


Care about us

50+ song titles I played at Dream Beat "Great Mother" Edition

1 On the run-Mark C 05:07 2 Kirtan Soul Revival - "Sacred Ground" 00:04 3 Bonobo - "Terrapin" 04:03 4 relaxdaily - "N°084" 06:57 5 Jonathan Goldman - "Call Of Compassion Pt.1" 03:52 6 Satkirin Kaur Khalsa - "Dedication - Aad Guray Nameh" 07:15 7 Apache Indian - "Om Numah Shivaya" 04:17 8 Etta James - "I'd Rather Go Blind (Single Version)" 02:25 9 Etta James - "I'd Rather Go Blind" 02:29 10 Snatam Kaur - "Azure Salver" 06:53 11 Soul II Soul Feat. Caron Wheeler - "Keep On Movin'" 03:26 12 on the run-Mark C 12:43 13 Moby - "LA1" 20:42 14 Moby - "LA10" 07:52 15 - "ready or notfugees instrumental" 00:01 16 Apparently Random Rab 04:04 17 Alea Jumo 00:11 18 Apparently Random Rab 04:08 19 London Grammar - Hey Now (Calfana Dreams Flip) 00:01 20 Cardi B - Bodak Yellow Instrumental [ReProd. JEOnTheB… 03:56 21 I am She I am woman 04:16 22 ALOKA …

✨🙏💜 It's Time for Spiritual and Personal Freedom -UNDAKOVA ENTERPRISES ✈🗽🌏


Do you have a birth story to tell? Blood Magik / Birth Herstories Hosted by Moonstone Babies and UltraCultural Others

A Rebirth Ritual, Speak-out & Soundscape
presented by Ultracultural Others
Undakova & Or Nah with Bailey Rollins of Moonstone Babies

Do you have a birth story to tell?
"Women of the Earth, Take Back Your Birth"

We want to hear your birth stories - the momentary pleasures, pains, traumas and triumphs as you made your way through the birth spiral. We especially want to hear from women who danced and sang out their babies, rebelled against convention, made art, made love, experienced orgasmic birth, unassisted birth, water birth or birth outside in nature. We also want activist stories speaking out against the violence done to women's bodies by an overmedicalized, corporatized hospital system. We want your story, the raw and honest truth. We want to combine the stories of many strong Mothers into a powerful oral herstory that foregrounds women's natural birthing instincts, hormonal thresholds of pleasure, and …


Giving your power away is just too easy in this culture. We want to be liked. We want to get that pay check. We want to look good. We will do anything, including hurt ourselves and others, to protect our fragile ego from cracking open at the seams... and exposing who we really are. What we're really here to do. What we're really made of.

Our sabbatical in Thailand last April for me was about conquering fear and trusting. Trusting that the Universe would support me and my growth. That I could make miracles. That I could choose where and how to spend my energy and time, and with whom.

My partner David Jason Williams "Undakova" & I are holding space for the Ultracultural Others 10-day immersive Sound Alchemy Retreat in Thailand this September because we want to offer an intimate group of brave bodhisattvas the opportunity to completely relax, resent, recalibrate and rekindle your love affair with life. Yes... mantra will give you the power of manifestation, yoga wi…