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"People with clear, written goals, accomplish far
more in a shorter period of time than people
without them could ever imagine" BrianTracy
Bath time 2 relax mind. Then out in the city that never sleeps for dinner, music, networking and fun. After midnight on Monday? Bizaar life
Listening and watching Tyrone "the Bone" an original Soul Train dancer.
Watching soul train with my Mom and Mi-kyoung or should I say dancing along to soul train. A little yoga and dance to get the health flowing.
Love is misunderstood to be an emotion;
actually,it is a state of awareness,a way of
being in the world,a way of seeing oneself & others
Meditating patiently while the lovely lady gets dress before we head to moms pad in the lower east side of Manhattan. Back to my old room ;)
It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.-Margaret Thatcher

Old Man-Inspired by Neil Young

Old Man look at my life
I am a lot l like you were
Old man
You taught me to love with all my heart

Old man look at my life
I am a lot like you were
Old man
You taught me to love with all my heart

From my first day I was raised to be
Living life courageously
loving deep and sacredly
Hate to me
Was something that only came occassionally
When my hearts home for compassion had that vacancy
But it was just temporary delays and latency
Your love would shine down like
Sunrays on raisins be
We just some raisins in the sun
we can't wait to see
the world like a paradise where everyone is what they believe
and ain't afraid to be
Whoever they aim to be
Climb the highest mountain peak
and listen to the angels speak
I can hear it in the wind what you came to teach
or get the lesson from within
its the same to me
Sometimes you would bring a friend
or  a stranger meets
me at point of an ending when things complete
three hundred sixty degrees and the same repeats
we find love through the heardache and pain we seek

"Nurture great thoughts, for you will
never go higher than your thoughts."
— Benjamin Disraeli: Was a British prime minister,
I am freestyling at Bar 13 in Nyc. It's streaming live too. Yay! My peeps Broke mc,Rabbi d, Akim funk buddha, King armor, Illspokinn in here
is seaweed and sea salt "bathin it". Broccoli & Carrot soup "gassin it." Steppin out in NYC traffic, is Freestyle Mondays mic practicing.
Facebook time has concluded. Now its yoga time, then organize the mind time. Should have been the other way around but still I am grateful:)
Its Freestyle Monday at Bar 13 (35 East 13th Street) If you would "like" to be on the guestlist comment "WORD" and lets link up.
I just wrote a new song inspired by Canada & the conversations I had. Also inspired by the Neil Young song I heard in the car radio.
Barely into Manhattan and already I got randomly grabbed by the arm by a wobbly drunk person. Good to be home eh. :)
About to board the plane. In NY by 8am. There is a blazing trail btw NY & SJ and I am thankful excited & humbled to be a part of it.

Undakova at Saint John Middle School

"Simple kindness to one's self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all." Dr. David Hawkins
Just completed the last hip hop youth workshop for the week here in Canada. What an amazing trip. It's going to be on the news!
Practiced some Hip Hop and yoga in middle school today with the youth. Then had an Ashtanga yoga & candle light meditation session. Nice :)
Finally getting some rest after a long day of band rehearsing. Classic times
Chillaxing in the wine bar "Happinez," after jamming with an amazing drummer, bassist & singer. Listening to Fela now with a Pelligrino.
Just finished taking a yoga workshop for the cancer recovered. Drinking peppermint tea listening to live musicians at the Vintage bistro:)
Just finished taking a workshop catered to the recovered from cancer. Now at a Bistro & lounge drinking peppermint tea:)
almost fell during my first time "long boardin" 40 miles per hr downhill. Now we're having a jam session after eatin homemade pizza. Sleepy.
Completed an amazing Yoga class here at the Yoga Outlet in Canada. Happy about hosting a hip hop workshop for a nearby middle school soon.
Driving toward Canada listening to Fela Kuti and witnessing a rainbow. ;) Now I can rest for the next 9 hours.
is wondering if anybody knows someone who lives a healthy lifestyle off the grid?
just skimmed through a VCR tape with High School performances from 1996. It also had clips from a fashion show in the lunch room. Wowzers
Time to complete this vision board and stop procrastinating. Should be fun, not work, but I have to be in the mood for friggin' magazines.
I have to get that Kanye Album. Video is different, songs are filled with legends. I am a support the product. Plus I am featured on it!
I am not a label, I am not a box, I am not a check mark.
Just finished designing NEW UNDAKOVA music Logo. Search "Undakova" on Facebook or other websites-comment or like it & gain GOOD KOVA karma