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"Fireup your divine connection and detach from dramas" #dreambeat #supermoon

SuperMOON in Leo
Friday AUGUST 10th It's Leo season and as UNDAKOVA says get ready to "Shine from Within" as we enter the fiery heights of summer, conjuring our inner Lion/Lioness.

This month's event falls on a Supermoon New Moon partial Solar eclipse in Leo, closing an intense season of eclipses and unleashing a climactic meteor shower. What kind of spiritual riches do you envision showering yourself with this Dream Beat?  Once again we harness the eclipse energy to unleash our own transformation and claim our Lion's Share in life, play, love & work.  RSVPAn interview with Katie Cercone, Maker of Solara Saturnalia (Kawaii Kali Redux) starring Alees Yvon in Women CineMaker's Magazine special issue 
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おしゃれダイニ⚔☠ングシュシュ "HIRA HIRA" is a term of spiritual importance running 
thru anime, early religious rites, todaiis  
kawaii-Freakk-Kingdoms of fashion, &    the untouchableworld-f-Girls

hira hiratranslates to "movement, swaying of ribbonsfrills of lyrical-Word-Chainsthat flutter in the breeze as never-Ending