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Inside the B E A T!

 Inside the B E A T! This past Thursday (August 1st) we were hyped to partner with NYC Dept of Youth & Community Development (DYCD), NIKE and El Puente M.S.50 Community School of Williamsburg, Brooklyn to offer our BEAT Breakers program. In an auditorium packed with nearly 100 middle school students, we had 8 of our best dance instructors divide all participants into 4 different teams. Each team had their own breakout sessions, coached by 2 of our teaching artists, and learned the basics of breaking, pop and lock and Hip-Hop dance. To close out the event, the teams showcased the dances they learned from their breakout sessions and then faced off in a dance battle for bragging rights. The youngest group of participants were the feistiest bunch and beat out all of the older groups for ultimate bragging rights.

It was so inspiring to see the kids come alive as they learned to be fully self expressed through the art of breakin, using nothing but their bodies. I am proud of our instruct…
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ARTI3160 is excited to present SPHERICAL SYMMETRY

SPHERICAL SYMMETRY Day Series of Performances, Film Projections & Drawings
Off-Site project, 76th Venice International Film Festival
August 27- 29, 2019
Performances: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Projections: 9:30pm – 5am

Salizzada Malipiero, San Marco
3209/A – 3160
Venice, Italy ARTI3160 is excited to present SPHERICAL SYMMETRY, a three-day series of performances, video projections and an exhibition of drawings during the opening of the 76th Venice International Film Festival. Curated by Claire Zakiewicz and Laura Vattovaz, each performance will feature an inter-disciplinary dialogue and exchange between an international collective of artists: Jana Astanov (Poland), Katie Cercone (USA), Anita Cerpelloni (Italy), David Jason Williams (USA) and Claire Zakiewicz (UK).

SPHERICAL SYMMETRY examines traditional ideologies of cosmology, shamanic techniques, occult symbolism and traces early tribal archetypes alongside sacred geometry. Continuing Zakiewicz’s investigations with conceptions of improvi…

HIGH PRIEZTEZZ OR NAH Featured in ISSUE 2 of The Blood Book, by Chloe Devine

The Blood Book, by Chloe Devine

get your copy HERE!

Vitamix Ep Premiers in the Know

Our full VITAMIX hip hop yoga album premiers in THE KNOW WATCH



A Community Potluck for Creatives Every Last Sunday of the Month at Studio DE-CONSTRUKT 

THIS Sun, July 28th, 6-9pm
@DE-CONSTRUKT, 41 Seabring St, 3rd flr
FB Invite
FREE! Please bring food and or drink to share!

Procession For Kali Ma (Black Madonna of the East)

Procession for KALI MA (Black Madonna of the East)during our Annual Yo! Yogi Hip Hop Yoga Retreat By the time the Sanskrit scholars of India set to write down the sacred texts of Yoga, Black Warrior Goddess Kali was already being maligned.

European colonial disgust shown for Kali and her worshippers drew from negative characterizations of elite Indian discourse. Any record of the point of view of those “others” who worshipped “The Black One" is sorely lacking from the Vedic and Puranic periods. Kali derives in part from an ancient deity indigenous to the people of Tamil called “Kottavai.” This Goddess rides a tiger, wears a necklace of tiger teeth, and shouts in victory on the battlefield where she comes to kill, eat flesh and drink blood. Kottavai embodies “ananku” an early conception of shakti - the dangerous power inherent to the natural world, female humans & deities. Ananku can be found in the breasts, loins, and genitals of living women, and manifests as both violent and…


Thank you everyone that came thru Friday to our

FULL MOON CYPHER Much gratitude to co-creators Charlotte Cwikowski,Tristen Goodwin,Alison Beth Levy,Leo Eng Oliver,GIL, Courtney & our host De Construkt.

We have one more cypher before our family departs for the South of Italy to study the tradition of the Black Madonna all of August. Join us this Friday for a farewell HIGH ON HIP HIP YOGA Cypher at Daya in Bushwick.