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You've made our collective DREAM real. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who made this New Moon Ritual Possible! Each and everyone of you so many to name because we all did our part and showed up ready for transformation and trusting the process. LOVE YOU ALL. 

Still healing and resting with Kali and Katie. (That was a late family night heh).
I am will be sharing music and insights that keep us vibrating high until our next gathering together.
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Chakrapolis Magic Mother Mix

May your internal mother guide you to your highest form of expression and loving self. Here is some music to assist the process. This music consist of me Freestylin' and channeling with 100% heart and soul. This 1 hour sound journey is a culmination of my inner wisdom from my own personal healing and transformation through the chakras. May it serve you in your healing. Only $1 for the full 1 hour exclusive download here (with more perks and goodies throughout the month included as well as a better sound quality on the vocals etc) Special thanks to Sam Sunshine for some of the track selections with his wonderful playlist on spotify. Here is a new playlist from Sam

✨💜 Stay focussed on your vision -UNDAKOVA ENTERPRISES 🌌🈳🌔 🙏