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10,000 Yogis in Central Park

This was an amazing event to be a part of. Glad I got to share it with all these great people and my partner Mi-Kyoung.

Akim Funk Buddha's The Flying Boombox Urban Theatrical at Von King Park Summer Stage
Akim Funk Buddha Dance Workshop

Summer Stage in the Von King Park, Brooklyn, NY I witnessed the greatest show this summer.

It began with a dance workshop with more than 100 kids on stage learning to breakdance.

The show featured the lovely PRINCESS LOCKEROOO

Words really can't express how blessed I was to witness this performance and be a part of the stage management. Here is a video of how the the work shop went.

Fathers Day Music

In honor of all the males out there who are making a difference in the world; Being positive and good role models for those around them; Battling themselves each day and each moment to shine their best and brightest; Overcoming all obstacles and viewpoints that say they cannot be successful. May my Music inspire you
To all the men out there passing down a legacy to the youth and communities they are a part of that says "yes I am a man I am not perfect but I will be a man and stand up for what is right in my heart" May my beats inspire you.
To all those men who have inspired me to be the best man I could be. May you hear yourself in my sound
Fathers of the world, unite, spread peace, and lets build a better future for the children.
I offer you my legacy thus far.
There is so much more I have to offer in this lifetime and here is a piece of my soul here in the present. Thank you for supporting my music and supporting my growth as a producer and song writer. May my creativity inspi…

Have you seen a Needle through Brick?

Needle Through Brick movie trailer
I just watched the Needle Through Brick movie late last night for free on What an amazing documentary about the expansion of China and the lost of interest in traditional martial arts. Needle through Brick was about the fact that times have changed and we all are effected by globalization and the ebbs and flows of the new economies. Traditions and cultures are facing serious changes as well being that the people who practice them and keep them alive are changing with the times. The younger generations are following the new trends and learning as fast as technology is growing but in turn are they learning about there history and traditions as well? Well according to this documentary in china the ancient art of Martial arts and its masters are being left behind due to the lack of support of the society in which they were developed. From the perpective of the those who practiced the Kung Fu for years and year "People need to earn money, no…

Summer Stage 2010 presents Akim Funk Buddha and the Flying Boombox

Guess what? Akim Funk Buddha will be performing an Exciting Urban Dance Musical with elements of
Waacking, Vouging, Breakdance, Waving, Locking, House, Martial Arts and more. Today at Summer Stage in the Von King Park area of Brooklyn you will witness the greatest show this spring. Akim's Summer Stage show will begin with a dance workshop at 7pm so get there early for sign up. Check out the details below.

PRINCESS LOCKEROOO - Co-Choreographer/costume designer

The Flying Boom Box
Akim Funk Buddha creates a fascinating musical and visual experience with this live interactive Urban Theatrical. The Flying Boom Box takes you along the passionate journey of a young Hip Hop artist growing up in NYC. When the trials of city life and peer pressure reveal, he finds sanctuary in his Boom Box. By chance he discovers that his Boom Box is ”magical” and by manipulating the electromagnetic field of sound waves from his tape deck, he can navigate himself through time. He travels back to A…