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My Birthday comes around again in 2007

Well today is another birthday of mine. An important one as well. 29 wow!! I am a old man who has practically completed my Saturn return and boy does it feel good. Almost like Dorothy coming home finally and explaining how there was a tin man, a lion and a wicked witch and "you were there too" at the end of the movie. Life has been a full circle. This morning I noticed I am awaken by phone calls from my dearest as well as love from my mom and family. I also got a bunch of neybas from all around hitting me up on the web which is really shocking and nice to see, especially because it is so unexpected. So what are my plans for today. Well I don't really celebrate birthdays all that special from what I can view in my histories past so today will follow those guidelines. Everyday is my birthday. Today I am off to reunite with some old band mates from Y5o and jam out a little followed by a full day of volunteer service at the Bikram yoga studio. Well not volunteer exactly . . …