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Black eyed peas, collard greens, cranberry sauce and the company of my mom and my babe watching the ball drop from New York 1. Classic times
Entrepreneurship=living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can spend the
rest of your life like most people can't
To those that know me from the lower east side. I will be downtown for the next two days. Please let's meet up at a familiar nostalgic place
whoo hoo. Its been a "Freedom" Furious Five and "King Of Rock" Run DMC Christmas. Happy Holidays to you and your family always and forever.
I am rockin that Kanye West Christmas song as well as my own song "Them Holidays" in BK. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To MY BABE MI-Kyoung. HAPPY HOLIDAYS
this is the first time EVER that I've bought a Christmas tree and I am now decorating it to Christmas music. Its definitely a full moon out

Them Holidays

Them Holidays
By Undakova

Its them Holidays
Cultural Holidays
National Holidays
Religious Holidays

Its them holidays
look forward to them days
where you can rest and relax
your soul working like a slave
back in them olden days
As a great holy day
to stay at home and pray
but religions gone astray
Everybody working for their pay
American people want to vaca
living 9 to 5 all work no play
Thats life in the USA
Canada Calin For NIA
Ireland Scotland and the UK
Time to give thanks in the name of the banks

Its them Holidays
Cultural Holidays
National Holidays
Religious Holidays

What do I celebrate
Is It love and passion for christ?
With a christmas tree and some holly leaves
all them red, green plastic and lights
Not really how I choose it to be
and I'll tell you actually why
Cause when jesus christ was born
I never got to meet that magical guy
but I know I do have faith
and I know how I feel inside
I want peace for every man and woman from now
to the end of time
Think we all need to take a break
to medita…

We're All In This Together (feat. Undakova) [Simpleton Remix] GabbyYoung and Other Animals

Original Release Date: November 22, 2010
A dream come true. I witnessed Gabby in NYC play this song live at Joes Pub. I was in awe watching her do the version of this song with her right hand man and a loop pedal. She looped her voices so that part at the end of this song where she's saying "Where all in this one together" it was a build up of all her different voices. Who knew that one day she would record this song in the studio and allow me to partake on a remix with Simpleton adding a bit of hip hop flava to the track. I think it already was my favorite song but with the bit I added to it I know it will go down in history as a moment where I got to live a dream of fully expressing myself through music honestly and with love. I hope you enjoy it. Here is the link. Peace and love and special thanks to Brett for making it happen.

Label: Gift Of The Gab Records / World Connection
Copyright: (c) 2010
Duration: 5:41 minutes…
listening to some Fela and folding clothes when I got the news. Mom is officially cancer free after a year of treatment. Happy Holidays :)
Fragmented creativity n paper/books, floppy/hard/mini-disc, zip/hardDrives, CD/ DVD, DV/Video/Mini/reel tape, livestream recording/websites
OMG so addicting. Too many interesting people in my life and fb puts all of you at my fingertips. Stop posting so I can find my own life lol
As corny and as weird as it sounds I am so thankful you post stuff on Facebook. I learn so much and value our connection. Life in 2010
wow in retrospect of the past 10 years. This was the first year I have eaten dinner every evening. 80% of the time w/ chopsticks.
Do you have or are you in a live band? . . .And can you perform downtown in New York City this month?
"People with clear, written goals, accomplish far
more in a shorter period of time than people
without them could ever imagine" BrianTracy
Bath time 2 relax mind. Then out in the city that never sleeps for dinner, music, networking and fun. After midnight on Monday? Bizaar life
Listening and watching Tyrone "the Bone" an original Soul Train dancer.
Watching soul train with my Mom and Mi-kyoung or should I say dancing along to soul train. A little yoga and dance to get the health flowing.
Love is misunderstood to be an emotion;
actually,it is a state of awareness,a way of
being in the world,a way of seeing oneself & others
Meditating patiently while the lovely lady gets dress before we head to moms pad in the lower east side of Manhattan. Back to my old room ;)
It may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs.-Margaret Thatcher

Old Man-Inspired by Neil Young

Old Man look at my life
I am a lot l like you were
Old man
You taught me to love with all my heart

Old man look at my life
I am a lot like you were
Old man
You taught me to love with all my heart

From my first day I was raised to be
Living life courageously
loving deep and sacredly
Hate to me
Was something that only came occassionally
When my hearts home for compassion had that vacancy
But it was just temporary delays and latency
Your love would shine down like
Sunrays on raisins be
We just some raisins in the sun
we can't wait to see
the world like a paradise where everyone is what they believe
and ain't afraid to be
Whoever they aim to be
Climb the highest mountain peak
and listen to the angels speak
I can hear it in the wind what you came to teach
or get the lesson from within
its the same to me
Sometimes you would bring a friend
or  a stranger meets
me at point of an ending when things complete
three hundred sixty degrees and the same repeats
we find love through the heardache and pain we seek

"Nurture great thoughts, for you will
never go higher than your thoughts."
— Benjamin Disraeli: Was a British prime minister,
I am freestyling at Bar 13 in Nyc. It's streaming live too. Yay! My peeps Broke mc,Rabbi d, Akim funk buddha, King armor, Illspokinn in here
is seaweed and sea salt "bathin it". Broccoli & Carrot soup "gassin it." Steppin out in NYC traffic, is Freestyle Mondays mic practicing.
Facebook time has concluded. Now its yoga time, then organize the mind time. Should have been the other way around but still I am grateful:)
Its Freestyle Monday at Bar 13 (35 East 13th Street) If you would "like" to be on the guestlist comment "WORD" and lets link up.
I just wrote a new song inspired by Canada & the conversations I had. Also inspired by the Neil Young song I heard in the car radio.
Barely into Manhattan and already I got randomly grabbed by the arm by a wobbly drunk person. Good to be home eh. :)
About to board the plane. In NY by 8am. There is a blazing trail btw NY & SJ and I am thankful excited & humbled to be a part of it.

Undakova at Saint John Middle School

"Simple kindness to one's self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all." Dr. David Hawkins
Just completed the last hip hop youth workshop for the week here in Canada. What an amazing trip. It's going to be on the news!
Practiced some Hip Hop and yoga in middle school today with the youth. Then had an Ashtanga yoga & candle light meditation session. Nice :)
Finally getting some rest after a long day of band rehearsing. Classic times
Chillaxing in the wine bar "Happinez," after jamming with an amazing drummer, bassist & singer. Listening to Fela now with a Pelligrino.
Just finished taking a yoga workshop for the cancer recovered. Drinking peppermint tea listening to live musicians at the Vintage bistro:)
Just finished taking a workshop catered to the recovered from cancer. Now at a Bistro & lounge drinking peppermint tea:)
almost fell during my first time "long boardin" 40 miles per hr downhill. Now we're having a jam session after eatin homemade pizza. Sleepy.
Completed an amazing Yoga class here at the Yoga Outlet in Canada. Happy about hosting a hip hop workshop for a nearby middle school soon.
Driving toward Canada listening to Fela Kuti and witnessing a rainbow. ;) Now I can rest for the next 9 hours.
is wondering if anybody knows someone who lives a healthy lifestyle off the grid?
just skimmed through a VCR tape with High School performances from 1996. It also had clips from a fashion show in the lunch room. Wowzers
Time to complete this vision board and stop procrastinating. Should be fun, not work, but I have to be in the mood for friggin' magazines.
I have to get that Kanye Album. Video is different, songs are filled with legends. I am a support the product. Plus I am featured on it!
I am not a label, I am not a box, I am not a check mark.
Just finished designing NEW UNDAKOVA music Logo. Search "Undakova" on Facebook or other websites-comment or like it & gain GOOD KOVA karma
I am seconds away from completing a final piece of deleting all of the songs I use to DJ and listen to. All 9000 songs. Phew. One click away

New York Netmix Music Meetup

Have you ever walked under the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn's DUMBO looking for other musicians, producers and other people in the music industry trying to learn as much about music making they can, in order to do as much of it as they can? Last night along with my partner Mikyoung I found myself searching for a door within the infamous Rebar (a local watering hole in DUMBO) that would lead us to the area where the meetup called Netmix was taking place. A lil after 7pm around 10 "music makers" where gathering to discuss what we were facing as obstacles in our quest to make music and sharing ideas for others who were there to share similar ups and downs. The space was set up in a round table sort of way with snacks and drinks in order to be helpful and spark insights and information so everyone could leave expressing what they were doing, what they loved and didn't love about the process for the benefit of the whole group. Netmix even had two guest speakers who have …
I just saw my first double rainbow here in Brooklyn.
Headed to the final #sinsin retweet if you are headed to the final #freestylemonday

A Change Will Come

A Change Will Come

A Change Will Come
By Undakova
A change will come (you know that I can't change a thing")
Repeat 4x
Life is it full of pain.
OR is it just me
being full again.
Consumed all I want
and then I pulled the pen,
out talking bout
all that's cruel within.
Deep down inside
I know I am the blame.
Duck down and hide
just cause I am ashamed.
To open my eyes
and find I am the same.
Just lusting for pride
in which I am contained.
The focus that I
know that I can bring,
would lift me up high
If I tried and aimed.
Although I realize
I decide the frame,
I picture my life
still confined and tame.
A lion in a cage
stuck in iron and chains.
An animal whose taught
that supplying the brain.
Is better than the instincts
that lie in veins
of the body and the soul
that I am dying to change. . . cause
A change will come (you know that I can't change a thing") Repeat 4x
I could change my perspective
But if I did it would change nothing about the way I really feel
"What can you do right now to begin to turn your life around? The very first thing is to start making a list of things to be grateful for."— Dr. Joe Vitale: Motivational author and speaker
Is it me or did it just hail storm and flood the streets of Brooklyn. Wowzers. I mean floods.
is it me or did Fela Kuti's album title go from being "Fear of a Black President" to being re-released as "Best of a Black President"?

Gabby Young and Other Animals take New York by storm.

This past week I got to actually hang out with Gabby and Other Animals while they toured New York City. What a blast. I witnessed her and the drummer of the band who we called "And" after I mistakingly called him that one time. It became his new name and we laughed about it knowing we were just exited to be in NY and in good company. It was so much fun. CV is a part of Hotel Rivington's night bar/lounge where faces like P Diddy and Jay Z make appearances. The crowd was in a hush and then an uproar when they heard Gabby's astounding vocals. I got some footage of it below. It was a good sight for soar eyes here in New York where I feel the music can be predictable and dull. Gabby was vivid and humorous. She busted out a kazoo and actually had each and everyone humming and singing along before we knew what hit us.

Later on in the week Gabby took stage at Joes Pub where the impromto show at CV was afterward in no comparison. She h…
Something tells me that more than a few people are going to try and be "Avatar" this halloween. I just felt the need to express that early.
Its Official! I will be at Sin Sin tonight after 1am. Bring your instruments, your voices, & your good vibes. Its a family affair.
"Your big opportunity may be right where you are now."
— Napoleon Hill: Was a personal success author and lecturer

Undakova Info, Songs, Videos, Blogs, Buzz, Mailing List, Store


By Undakova

Connect to your breath
It’s the best way to ease ya stress
Leave the rest up to your intention
Attention never wanders
Staying focus upon the
never on the
Voices in ya head bringing drama
Forces of the dead living horror
Choices that were spread through ya karma
Leaving you further away from Nirvana
And the more that you relax and ease back you insight help you see the light
From the floor tail bone to back
chess neck to the head when you breathing right
Comfort when you sleep at night
No thoughts of the demon type
Monsters in the midst that reduce your bliss
prevent you from taking risk
When its seeming like
You close to your dreams ,
close to your goal
Each moment you bring
is molding your soul
The more that you change
the more you control
From within ya frame
a story unfolds
You already told yourself
Nobody knows til you grow yourself
To the person that you wanna be
Cause inside of you another seed
And with the right condition you can change your reality
all you needs to

Open up your …

Thinking too Much

Thinking too Much
By Undakova

your brain from thinking,
your pains and aching,
by staying patient
how we sway the Nation,
with a simple innovation
Here’s what I am saying
Is we need to cut the bond between the brain and what is wrong cause we dwell and no longer feel our best
So put your mind at ease and all you have to do is breath into the beat and put the thinking to rest
Though it ain’t that easy
First step ya need to believe me
Second check in your self seeking in deeply
And stare like you peeping a TV
Ok you got it
Now that ya self is spotted.
See if it helps with out it
Just as a test no need to stress,
You knows what’s best allow it
To fade away and then decay
pushing away Chaotic
thoughts and of course neurotic
Forget about it
The whole worlds thinking too much
And those girls thinking too much
And fella's thinking too much
Probably its the reason cause we all lost touch I am saying
Cause he be thinking too much
And she be thinking too much
And we be thinking too much
Probably its the re…

They don't really care about us

They don’t really care about us
By Undakova
Mass destruction
Then invasions
Bombs erupting
I don’t knowwww who to blame or
What needs changing
All I am thinking is
They don’t really care about us

In gulfed in
I don’t knowww who to blame or
What needs changing
All I am saying is
They don’t really care about us
17th century 21st century
really doesn't matter if you are not writing the history
In the end of it all when they mention we
Will they mention you? Will they mention me?

Will they mention us? Will the picture be. . .
A shot of you next to the words “victory”?
I don’t think so, So you should listen see
Because the only benefit that you’ll get to see
Is the 9 digit social security
The captain of the ship may still let the prisoners eat
And just because you travel doesn’t mean that you really free
Executives from Enron will still get to cheat
The shareholders and workers from new companies
And new corporation factories they calling green
Alternating new natural sources of energy

Everything is going to work out

Everything is going to work out
By Undakova

Feel it, let it be, and start
To heal and say I am alright repeat 4
Yes everything is going to work out
And all is well,
all is well, all is well
Yup Everything is going to work out
And all is well
Say I am all right (repeat 4x)
Sometimes change is good
We move to the next
Journey in our life
But still we are left
With complex feelings and pain stored in our chest
That hasn't been released or dealt with yet
As time goes by some of us forget
About the previous sadness, grief, and upsets
we try our best to allieviate the stress
Using alchohol, drugs, relationships and sex
(Pause) A temporary fix
yeah you guessed
Emotional band-aids or a protective vest
Still underneath lies the same mess
A cesspool of unresolved pain from ya past
How long will it last?
This feelings ain't pretty
So you resort to denial and stay busy
In the city while you're working every day
Using money but it doesn't make the pain go away
Feel it, let it be, and start
To heal and say I am…

Let it go

Let it go
By Undakova
Let it go Let it go
Let it go let it go
In relationships let it go
Don't try to control
Let it go let it go

With in relationships one needs detachment
I know you want to worry and show passion
Believing that you don't care if you don't take action
When you only forcing your outcomes to happen
In most cases that prevents what you imagined from happened in the first place
So you sad when you stuck handling the worst case
Detach with love let it go
Probably help your friendships to grow only God knows
Let your spirit flow
Your relationships are beautiful
Especially when the feelings mutual
And if its not and you feeling unusual
Then learn to set a boundary so both of you could grow
You got to love yourself
That's something you should know
And still love others
Sisters and brothers
Uncover the mysteries of God
Let your higher power step in and stop working so hard

Play the song Let it go by Undakova by clicking the title in this sentence.

Sometimes ya Parents Ain't Always Right

Parents Ain't always Right Louder Version
This song was inspired by a book I read recently. Check the music out and below are the words. Would love to hear your feedback.
Parents Ain't Always Right
By Undakova
Sometimes ya parents ain't always right 7x
So be who you are you gotta live your life

Your parents did the best that they could
Using knowledge that they gained from their own childhood
It may seem now that they became adults
You could feel responsible for feelings they felt
Now hows that?
Trying to influence how you act
My mom makes me feel guilty if I don't call back
And that's a fact
But its moms. I love her to death so I stay calm
But its little things like this that over time cause harm
Don't follow your soul, heart or faith
Cause deep inside you might think that you'll make a mistake
And your parents will say «see I told you so»
Or «you're going to make me have a heart attack if you go»
Oh no its another guilt trip session
I hope your not old b…

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How I became the Fresh Prince of Bill Gates Zen Master?
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American's Don't know why we celebrate the 4th of July

Recently I met a girl from Lituania on the train and we laughed about how I didn't know how to write music out in note formation as she did. But then it became terribly sad but true that I really didn't know much about her country the Soviet Union at that. Why am I so stupid? Is it really because they taught nothing in school, is my brain lazy to learn new things and obtain information out there, or is it just common to be common in America? I still thought this video was funny. Hehehe.

I have to admit. My gut feeling is even if I was to be able to tell you exactly what the history behind the 4th of July was. Whose to say that what they taught or say in history books is even true. I wasn't there. I don't know why they truly fought. I know what I have heard but what the real reasons behind the fighting and independence although they already sound pretty good could be far from what was said and sold to us as truth. "They then…

Its bigger than Hip Hop

It's bigger than Hip Hop. Who shot biggy smalls? These are questions that Dead Presidents asked hip hop in there song "Its bigger than Hip Hop" Well another MC that I am following on the web hipped me to some videos and from the looks of them "Its bigger than hip hop is definitely, well an understatement. I didn't know much about the Rothschilds but I guess this is a bit of some ones interpretation of their history and they compiled it for youtubers. See for yourself.

Andy Warhol, AMMA the Hugging Saint, FREE

Hello Secret Facebook Reader,

I really want you to know that this Saturday is going to be a big Andy Warhol celebration at the Brooklyn Museum.
I am really excited to go see the Andy Warhol paintings and then party with live Djs playing 80s Pop and Hip Hop Classics. Its going to be a great scene and has already been written up by Village Voice, amNewYork, Paper Mag, Refinery29 and Time Out NY. its going to be FREE.

Mikyoung (my partner) an I danced the night away last fourth of July together at the Brooklyn Museum. This year we are inviting you and yours to experience the same atmosphere.
Take a brief look and see for yourself what it will be like.
Hope you enjoyed that video. Yep and this year its going to be even better. So why not join us? Did I mention that Its FREE

Another FREE event that is sure to raise your spirit is the hug of the one and only AMMA the Hugging Saint. AMMA is visiting New York from July 4-6 and giving hugs non stop from t…

10,000 Yogis in Central Park

This was an amazing event to be a part of. Glad I got to share it with all these great people and my partner Mi-Kyoung.

Akim Funk Buddha's The Flying Boombox Urban Theatrical at Von King Park Summer Stage
Akim Funk Buddha Dance Workshop

Summer Stage in the Von King Park, Brooklyn, NY I witnessed the greatest show this summer.

It began with a dance workshop with more than 100 kids on stage learning to breakdance.

The show featured the lovely PRINCESS LOCKEROOO

Words really can't express how blessed I was to witness this performance and be a part of the stage management. Here is a video of how the the work shop went.

Fathers Day Music

In honor of all the males out there who are making a difference in the world; Being positive and good role models for those around them; Battling themselves each day and each moment to shine their best and brightest; Overcoming all obstacles and viewpoints that say they cannot be successful. May my Music inspire you
To all the men out there passing down a legacy to the youth and communities they are a part of that says "yes I am a man I am not perfect but I will be a man and stand up for what is right in my heart" May my beats inspire you.
To all those men who have inspired me to be the best man I could be. May you hear yourself in my sound
Fathers of the world, unite, spread peace, and lets build a better future for the children.
I offer you my legacy thus far.
There is so much more I have to offer in this lifetime and here is a piece of my soul here in the present. Thank you for supporting my music and supporting my growth as a producer and song writer. May my creativity inspi…

Have you seen a Needle through Brick?

Needle Through Brick movie trailer
I just watched the Needle Through Brick movie late last night for free on What an amazing documentary about the expansion of China and the lost of interest in traditional martial arts. Needle through Brick was about the fact that times have changed and we all are effected by globalization and the ebbs and flows of the new economies. Traditions and cultures are facing serious changes as well being that the people who practice them and keep them alive are changing with the times. The younger generations are following the new trends and learning as fast as technology is growing but in turn are they learning about there history and traditions as well? Well according to this documentary in china the ancient art of Martial arts and its masters are being left behind due to the lack of support of the society in which they were developed. From the perpective of the those who practiced the Kung Fu for years and year "People need to earn money, no…

Summer Stage 2010 presents Akim Funk Buddha and the Flying Boombox

Guess what? Akim Funk Buddha will be performing an Exciting Urban Dance Musical with elements of
Waacking, Vouging, Breakdance, Waving, Locking, House, Martial Arts and more. Today at Summer Stage in the Von King Park area of Brooklyn you will witness the greatest show this spring. Akim's Summer Stage show will begin with a dance workshop at 7pm so get there early for sign up. Check out the details below.

PRINCESS LOCKEROOO - Co-Choreographer/costume designer

The Flying Boom Box
Akim Funk Buddha creates a fascinating musical and visual experience with this live interactive Urban Theatrical. The Flying Boom Box takes you along the passionate journey of a young Hip Hop artist growing up in NYC. When the trials of city life and peer pressure reveal, he finds sanctuary in his Boom Box. By chance he discovers that his Boom Box is ”magical” and by manipulating the electromagnetic field of sound waves from his tape deck, he can navigate himself through time. He travels back to A…

#Spontaneous Discussion# 3. President of LES BID Interview at 100B

I was at 100B Graffiti shop in the Lower East Side talking to the one and only Mark Miller of President of the LES BID. ( the behind the scenes "undakova" inconspicuous interview.

5_25_10 5_52 PM _Interview with Mark Miller of the LES BID

What is the LES BID?
The LES BID provides a variety of services to promote economic activity and improve the quality of life in the Lower East Side. Efforts are tailored toward assisting property owners and merchants who are in the Lower East Side Business District, and improving the quality of life in the community. Services include beautification efforts like street cleaning, graffiti removal, tree plantings, and holiday decorative lighting installations; economic development and business assistance in the form of storefront, security camera, and website development grants; and validated 3-hour free parking for shoppers, as well as discounted rates for merchants. The LES BID also markets the neighborhood…

Original Music Composed By Undakova for Commercials and TV spots.

I won't spoil the surprise of what company I will be working with but I recently got my music into a commercial that will be on television. Yay. Believe me when I tell you its the ish! Here are a few of the songs I created to be submitted for the commercial so you can get an idea of why I love what I do. Let me know which one you like the best.

Undakova Track 1
Undakova Track 2
Undakova Track 3

Small Biz Big Impact Conference

BLOGGING LIVE FROM THE EVENT: This is a great conference set up of 3 panels.

David Rose -
Jennifer Wright -
Don DiMartini -
Pravina Raghavan -
Steve Kessler -

Rasu Jilani -
Jay Greenstein -
Ben Kaufman -
Nelly Yusupova -
Ramon Ray -

Jessica Johnson -
Lisa Price -
Sarah Endline -
Rob Walsh -
Maria Gotsch -

I am excited to hear more about Lisa Price which is a small business out of Brooklyn called Carol's Daughter. During the second panel of "making the most of technology" it was fun to hear the debate about where'd or not to create a business plan. Now I am goin to check out Rasu Jilani of Coup D' Etat and Nelly Yusupova of…

Self Suffice the Rapoet

The Rapoet appears (performances, lectures, and workshops) at venues ranging from cafes to colleges, receiving praise from poets like Alice Walker ('08) and MCs like KRS ONE ('09). Recently, he performed at Yale University, hosted the Hartford Hip-Hop Festival with Rock Steady's Crazy Legs (Nov. '09), and continues leading workshops on positive self-expression for inner city youth.

IN my opinion Self Suffice is one of the best that ever did it in the LES. Check out his music here Self Suffice's Music

#Dear Haiti the Song encoded into 17 different formats for 40 different companies

Wow who would of thought that inspiration could go on for this long and flow this far. I am excited to see what this song will bring into the world and hearts of many. Sometimes you just have to create and let the rest take care of itself one step at a time. What a blessing.

Please be the first to review this song by going to "Dear Haiti download page"

PS may this song make a difference in the lives of those who hear it and share it. Peace and Love

Yours Truly

The Beatards, Loki da Trixta, Chaz Kangas & WeStoleTheShow at South Paw in Brooklyn

This Sunday I am going to be rocking out with some of the best in the Hip Hop Underground scene here in NYC and beyond. Check out the details.

Start Time:
Sunday, May 2, 2010 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Monday, May 3, 2010 at 3:00am
125 5th Avenue

THE BEATARDS are one of the dopest groups in NYC right now. Fresh off being a featured artist at 2010 SxSW many agree they are on the verge of BIG things. The three eclectic innovators: DJ O, Chuck Wild and UTK the INC, started the popular MIXTAPE RIOT! parties and continue to pump out bass heavy party style tunes using elements from many genres and their diverse backgrounds.

The Beatards Website

LOKI DA TRIXTA is always on the move, known for rocking all over the world and connecting with cutting edge musicians from Chile to Poland. In 2009 he released the EP Electrograph with a Polish producer as The Breadmakerz. This is his last show in NYC before leaving on a 3 month trip to India and Africa.

Loki Da Trixsta's Website


KRS-One with Zee Santiago!v=bbVpn3qXqOs

Shouts to Zee Santiago for making hip hop in Trinity the very best on the planet. THe whole world knows now. Peace and love to the Temple of Hip Hop CT chapter.

The only physical CD copy left of "Acknowledgement 365"

There are a limited of copies of the new Undakova Cd featuring the song “Dear Haiti” due to the recent performance at the International Hip Hop Festival at Trinity College. Be sure to get a copy of yours "Acknowledgement 365" CD sent to you from this link.

I would love to send you a personal acknowledgement for your participation in my life and assisting me in fulfilling my dreams. You deserve this CD as much as I deserve sending it to you.

Get your copy here.

Or email me at "" and let me know where you would like me to mail your CD. Its that simple but its more important than ever so make it happen now.

Undakova Live Freestyle at Sin Sin (9:00 Undakova) (53:00 Undakova), (155:00 Undakova), (202:00 Undakova)

This is what I do on Monday nights on some occasions when I am in the city. . . hilariousness, love and music. Its late, were tired, but we are a family and we keep going strong. 10yrs Happy Birthday to Mariella and Sin Sin. Peace to Rabbi D, Hired G, Milk Money, Broke MC, Dialect, ILLspoKinn, Archie, Chaz Kangas, Presence, Crazy E, Mikal, Tah Phrum Duh Bush, The beatboxer from Chec, Rogue Pop band, and crowd.

Self Suffice before the Trinity International Hip Hop show

Self Suffice putting the footage together before the Trinity Hip Hop Festival performance. Undakova was laughing and helping Suffice get the back stage gitters out of his system. What you don't see about the MCs before they take the stage is the most comical. REspect to Self Suffice the Rapoet.

April 9th with Self Suffice and KRS-ONE