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A Day in ALIFE

Uploaded on Sep 29, 2009

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A chill sunday afternoon Kova calls out some of the power hitters to the studio to vibe out to a live band. THis video is featuring Broke MC, WiseGuy and Gaston, Bisc One, Old boy, Wordsworth, and the Power House Allstars live freestyle at Powa House Studios.

NoPhone doesn't mean NoRhyme part 1

This past Thursday, pouring rain. 
I was living life, yes at it again

I didn't have much sleep and had much to do
You know laundry, banking, catch a friend or two

I had a situation to sell my merch and Crochades
I was DJing at CIELO for free, not paid

Turns out through all of this my mind wasn't equip
My lack of sleep made my thoughts erratic and constantly drift

Plus the text messages and distractions of my phone ya see
would tamper with my present moment and judgement of immediacy 

I had to meet a friend who didn't have a phone
Still my laundry was in the dryer and was still at home

I had to get DJ equipment which was still in Brooklyn
But how could I get there and meet my friend who wasn't hooked in . . . .

I said "meet me at 2:30PM" I made sure he would understand
that in order for us to connect then we had to plan

I said "meet me exactly standing in front of the token stand"
On the D train line at the street stop called Grand."

He said ok and without cell …

The Get Down @ Cielo
So happy and grateful to be assisting with the sound vibrations for the meditation session this Thursday at 6:30pm at CIELO. Come gather with the positive vibes led by the on and only @MICHELLE JONI as she takes you from meditation into dance at the best dance party in NYC. The GET DOWN. Go to #setyourselfonfire

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OCTOBER 2014 iWaack, Princess Lockerooo, Asia, DJundakova, Crochades and more.