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Concrete Jungle Lyrics

Concrete Jungle by UNDAKOVA
Petroleum Oil used for our gas
Got us wondering how long will this power last
Cause seconds turn to hours fast
As time ease through like an hour glass
and whether or not you upper middle lower class doesn't matter
we all felt the aftermath when the plane and towers crashed
Mourning Souls we lost through Osama's Wrath
Another page in our history
MCs we right chapters and paragraphs
Using mics like power staffs
To teach the seeds who don't know the half
How to take control before this horror has
Us left out I am stressed out
Thinking about the best route and deaths out
Ya hear me?
Ya not listening.
If you was you would know your position in
This habitat we living in
And what I am witnessing
The same wishing well we wishing in
Is the same pot that we pissing in
Its sickening.

Sum is the Opium

I can't say enough about this fellow super hero Sum. I hope this music and video can shed some light on what he creates in the world we live in now. Support him and others like em'

Julune 09
Julune 09

Dear Haiti

A mentor and positive friend of mine emailed me on facebook and told me he was going to Haiti with The Give Them A Hand Foundation (GTAH), A not-for-profit organization that continues its long standing partnership with Kids Explore, Universal Aid Society and The Luisa Messon Foundation. They are also collaborating with World Care, United African Congress (UAC) and Earth Rights Institute (ERI) to mobilize resources in order to assist the people of Haiti to cope with their present circumstances and eventually to rebuild their lives and country.

He said " Looking for projects, activities and /or acting games to offer the kids. Any thoughts, music and ideas to offer? Wish I can take U along"
That message inspired me to write this song so to reach the youth in Haiti within my favorite art form.

Check the verse: The Dear Haiti song mp3 is attached to this email.

Dear Haiti
We may not be there but we still hold you tight
Dear Haiti
I may not be there but I still hold you tight

Life is a pr…

Dopest Album Ever "THINK AND BALL OUT"

Are you trying to F.L.O.S.S. = Fake Love Over Secure Status
Or are you like me into topics such as prayer, meditation, law of attraction, faith, relationships, gratitude, love, the true balling out, positivity and real issues we all can relate to. Right? Check this joint out.

5 Reasons why I am blogging about Lil Wayne in Jail

I'll admit I there have been plenty of times I have refused to spill my thoughts onto this blog and share my inner most opinions. Plenty of times I thought to myself I should write on this topic or blog but failed to do so. I feel embarrassed and I can honestly way I have no "good" reason why I am writing about little Wayne other than in this very moment I care about this topic. Allow me to explain why I do.

1. When I was working two jobs and one of them happened to be in a basement until 5am. Little Wayne was constantly coming up in our conversations.
--when I was working two jobs one of them was down in a organic kitchen basement and all we had was one small radio. Picture an organic kitchen with a few guys in aprons and messy gloves and a few knives. All I wanted to do was listen to my ambient music or perhaps something healing and refreshing while I worked chopping and cutting organic fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I would blast some Fela to get the good spirits ris…

Back from Egypt

Return from Karnak Temple Egypt 2010

So I have been back and have adjusted to the snow here in New York. Now its becoming more like spring. Here is a new video I posted on youtube that has some pictures from my trip from using Iphoto and a beat I created called Faith that you can download on my reverbnation,com/undakova. Hope you enjoy. Peace and love