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5 Reasons why I am blogging about Lil Wayne in Jail

I'll admit I there have been plenty of times I have refused to spill my thoughts onto this blog and share my inner most opinions. Plenty of times I thought to myself I should write on this topic or blog but failed to do so. I feel embarrassed and I can honestly way I have no "good" reason why I am writing about little Wayne other than in this very moment I care about this topic. Allow me to explain why I do.

1. When I was working two jobs and one of them happened to be in a basement until 5am. Little Wayne was constantly coming up in our conversations.
--when I was working two jobs one of them was down in a organic kitchen basement and all we had was one small radio. Picture an organic kitchen with a few guys in aprons and messy gloves and a few knives. All I wanted to do was listen to my ambient music or perhaps something healing and refreshing while I worked chopping and cutting organic fruits and vegetables. Sometimes I would blast some Fela to get the good spirits rising or played some latin and alternative hits. A young employee who worked with me begged and fought with me often because I refused to bare witness his hip hop hero Little Wayne. I refused to listen to his mix tape exclusives and hated the fact that I had to listen to this top star and his potent lyrics especially because my employee friend didn't know what true meaning behind the slang and lyrics we were listening to anyway. The more I would listen the more I would get into the music and realized how talented he was. Going inside the verses of little wayne for an MC like me was definitely entertaining and I began to respect him but secretly wished he would say something more like what I would say.
2. Little Wayne is very talented and I am sad to see him go to jail. Yes I said talented and yes I am sad. He reminds me of a friend of mine I use to rhyme with that had a similar swagger and charisma about himself. Very marketable obviously. I am sad to see anybody go to jail who has so much influence that they could have used for the upliftment of humanity.
3. I look at this as an opportunity for other artist to blossom such as myself perhaps someone who is uh uh. . . I finally have a shot at the title! I am not saying I was in Little Waynes shadow while I was down working in that basement on those late hours I am just saying it definitely wasn't easy promoting my yoga organic raps to the young employee who wanted to hear about "bitches" and "getting money." Could I blame him? I tried not too often.
4. I feel upset that he has been given a charge due to carrying a weapon and I wish there was peace on earth and we could get past the use of weapons. Yeah people have used weapons since the dawn of mankind but when did we have to have semi automatics in our tour buses. I don't blame him from wanting to protect his self. I have been in similar situations where I chose to use more than my hands to define what was mine but geez can't we all just get along.
5. And the last reason I care about this topic of Little Wayne going to jail is once again I feel like the image of black men and hip hop has been tainted by the actions of our biggest icons. OJ killing his wife, Michael Jackson sleeping with Children, Tiger Woods cheating on his wife and now this. This is why I like Will Smith so much. There is a level of trust I have for Will Smith that I have that makes me think at least I won't find him on the front page of the news going to jail for something he had no business doing. Only god knows though.

Lastly I want to say I hope young Carter stays out of trouble behind those bars and comes back even stronger. I would hate to rise to the top without sufficient competition. Especially since I know this is a publicity stunt for his next Malcomn Xish going to mecca conscious album where he explains what he learned from being behind bars. I know the media . . .1 year. Yeah right.

Well I hope this doesn't open the flood gates of little Wayne wannabees just like I hope I don't have to see people pretending to be Michael Jackson while he is resting in peace. There can only be one Weezy just like there can only be one you and I. I will let this topic die out and be gone now but i just had to talk about it while it was fresh on my brain. Hope you enjoyed. Peace and love

PS if you are someone similar to my young employee friend who is probably going to go through Lil Wayne withdrawal for a year while Weezy is behind bares I recommend you check out my neyba Self Suffice's music right here at Self Suffices Music Page and thank me later.


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