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They don't really care about us

They don’t really care about us

By Undakova

Mass destruction

Then invasions

Bombs erupting

I don’t knowwww who to blame or

What needs changing

All I am thinking is

They don’t really care about us

In gulfed in



I don’t knowww who to blame or

What needs changing

All I am saying is

They don’t really care about us

17th century 21st century

really doesn't matter if you are not writing the history

In the end of it all when they mention we

Will they mention you? Will they mention me?

Will they mention us? Will the picture be. . .

A shot of you next to the words “victory”?

I don’t think so, So you should listen see

Because the only benefit that you’ll get to see

Is the 9 digit social security

The captain of the ship may still let the prisoners eat

And just because you travel doesn’t mean that you really free

Executives from Enron will still get to cheat

The shareholders and workers from new companies

And new corporation factories they calling green

Alternating new natural sources of energy

But there is still a third world and war in the middle east


Maybe I am over reacting

The medias bias

I am being too liberal

Or maybe I am lying

But how do you feel

When your immediately trying

To keep up with the joneses?

And what are you buying?

The pressure from the bosses

Stockholders and clients

To increase the profits

And ya bottom lines

The factories closing

And no longer supplying

A towns gone jobless

And left high and dry and

Still whole country

Witnessed the skyline

Fall to ground

By the force of a pilot

But nobody questioned

Why we were violent

To innocent children

Who never learned to fly yet

Flying our flags

Like the new age pirates

Spreading our views

With new age advertisements

Billboards rise

And the landfills piling

For miles with plastic

The mall keeps us smiling

The mall keeps us smiling SMILING

Chorus :

From my view it is clear what they don’t really care about us

But I know and believe for the world to succeed we need us repeat 6x

From my view it looks like people care about


Care about capitalism

Care about progress

Care about looking good

Care about their own personal belief system


Care about money

Care about covering things up

Care about winning

Care about being right

Care about



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