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#Spontaneous Discussion# 3. President of LES BID Interview at 100B

I was at 100B Graffiti shop in the Lower East Side talking to the one and only Mark Miller of President of the LES BID. ( the behind the scenes "undakova" inconspicuous interview.

5_25_10 5_52 PM _Interview with Mark Miller of the LES BID

What is the LES BID?
The LES BID provides a variety of services to promote economic activity and improve the quality of life in the Lower East Side. Efforts are tailored toward assisting property owners and merchants who are in the Lower East Side Business District, and improving the quality of life in the community. Services include beautification efforts like street cleaning, graffiti removal, tree plantings, and holiday decorative lighting installations; economic development and business assistance in the form of storefront, security camera, and website development grants; and validated 3-hour free parking for shoppers, as well as discounted rates for merchants. The LES BID also markets the neighborhood through free walking tours, the Go East! Shopping Guide, a gallery guide, a website, co-op advertisements and special events like fashion shows and street festivals.

In the mean time: THINK APPLES!

On Sunday September 26th 2010 come visit Orchard Street for the third annual Apples on Orchard, NYC Apple Day is a free outdoor festival that pays tribute to New York City and the neighborhood’s historical connection to apples. The Lower East Side was an apple orchard farm in the 1700s, owned by a French farmer named Delancey. This event also highlights LES’s culinary venues, retailers and cultural institutions.

This year’s festival will be held on Sunday September 26th 2010 on Orchard Street between Broome and Grand from 11am to 4pm.

Come and discover what the Lower East Side has to offer!


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