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Stay Bright with Freedom's Natural Energy沐康內科診所

R e  c o g n i zzzze おしゃれダイニ
1.0 your natural joyous boundless participation in the lives of all Beings. 

  • In order to obtain real spiritual authority in classic Tibetan society, you had better be a known reincarnation of a former leader. A psychonaut explorer skilled in the art of “lucid dying," after having achieved success in your yogic inner moon-walks, sun-shots, and ultimate-clear-light shots, when you died you manifested wondrous signs to those left behind, including clues to the womb of which Tibetan mother in which you'd be reborn. During your long life as a lama or "ocean teacher" you were likely a scholar, saint or scientist, and you encouraged your society toward becoming a fully Enlightenment-oriented human civilization. You were perhaps a master of sacred art, an advanced research scientist, a most charismatic holy man or woman, a most respected social leader, a beloved member of society. You were the Life cycle emptying itself out into your Enlightened Being-ness. You were the Primal bliss-wisdom indivisible of the eternal reality of Enlightenment! You were the Hero Who gave up corpselike sleeping in delusion! You Mindfully entered unwavering the experience of Reality!

Give up crpselike sleeping in delusion! Mindfully enter unwavering the experience of Reality!


*:・゚✧  The three jewels of Buddhism are Teaching, Teacher & Cmmunity 💒 

Often in the West, particularly as women struggling against the growing commercialization of Yoga, teaching from an authentic place can be confusing. I'm not aiming to be a "yoga innovator" or uplevel my empire. I'm remembering the sacred heart of primal, indigenous women's wisdom clearly held in the symbol of the Lotus Jewel and in the cellular memory of us ALL. I'd rather dig deep and explore the intuited herstory of Buddha's earth and sky wisdom before it was thrice colonized and thwarted by patriarchal religion, the British and now capitalism and liberal individualism in the West! Don't come to my class because you think it might help you go back to your lackluster zombie grind of production and consumption stress-free! Come share in the three jewels (teaching, teacher, community) because you want to quit tha muthafuckin rat race and experience a revolution in consciousness! Because you trust your asana practice will grow and expand to encompass the OTHER seven limbs of yoga - ethical conduct, personal practice, breathwork, awareness of senses, meditation, insight/concentration, and interconnection! Let consciousness be your organizing principle!

In the Beng culture of West Africa, infancy is considered a state betwixt and between two worlds. Partly still inhabiting the Afterlife, Beng infants are spiritually vulnerable. For the Beng, babies cry in the language of wrugbe (the spiritworld) and their peculiar behaviors are subject to interpretation of a Diviner, a medium that has access to the otherworld.#Ritual bathing and the application of natural #medicinal paints keep the baby safe and beautiful as to attract childcare help for the Mother. A large dot on the soft part of the skull keeps open the "head road," and a sea of jewelry in the form of dazzling beads, shells and cords adorns the baby according to instructions from the diviner. These necklaces, bracelets, anklets, knee and waist bands are each uniquely designed to ward off a particular disease whether spiritual or physical in nature. To protect babies against the effect of powerful lunarPhases mothers paint a silver crescent in black charcoal on their baby's forehead 

 from:  Alma Gottlieb, [The Afterlife Is Where We Come From]

            محرم بك - L - O - O - K - $

Call upon your animal totems and flying allies! ! ! Call upon your wrathful courage, unconditional compassion and uncommon insight! ! ! Call upon the realm of pure potential! ! 
銀座ライオン 新宿センタービル店

नीचे बकवास करने के लिए

a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

Kali's MA युवा भगवान

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