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The Mother Reality is the objective clear light™

नीचे बकवास करने के लिए                                    

Participation in a culture is itself a routinization of 
                            Imagination and Perception 

After taking Marilyn Minter's seminar in grad skool I 

worked at her studio, one day I accidentally purchased 

$100 of Lube with her credit card at a sex shop🏽️ 

 Apparently, she had said "the Set Shop" and she totally doesn't make her work with Lube! @MarilynMinter on Bowery @salon94

                                                                💕💜💕💚💜💕💚💜💕💚💜💕🔫 @pipnpop

Intergalactic traveller KATIE MACYSHYN @pixofmiawsumlyf was the very first artist-in-residence (2017) at our @ultraculturalothers Urban-Mystery-Skool. $o fierce, intelligent, feisty and out-of-this-world, Katie got me even more stoked about the project and motivated to stay on my grind and with razor sharp intuition & attract more potent radical-creatives like Katie continuing to build intentional-community in this. 
APPLY HERE* for the 2018-19 residency cycle 🏽️

L - O - O - K - $


My Japan film Solara Saturnalia (かわいい Kawaii Kali REDUX) 2015 stars Alees Yvon as the dynamic shape-shifting Goddess, 
SOLARA Saturnalia  🏽️ 

Amongst her many guises she represents 4 primary faces of the Great Mother: Solar/Sun energy associated with Japanese deity Amaterasu and Ganguro “heavily sunburned black face” as a form of her worship; myths of the snake and the rainbow tracing back to indigenous-Buddha ; Black Sailor Moon as a contemporary expression of the female-Buddha Tara in her blue/black incantation, and creator/destroyer Kawaii Kali. SOLARA’s second name, "Saturnalia" refers to the ancient Roman festival in honor of deity Saturn. Celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn and continual carnivalesque partying, the yearly event overturned Roman social norms. Authority figures in drag and freewheeling slaves characterize the spirit of “saturnalia.” Saturnalian license encouraged slaves to disrespect their masters without punishment. Role-playing was implicit in the Saturnalia's status reversals, often enhanced by mask-wearing and guising. It was A time for free speech and the leveling of social hierarchy. A year after the shooting of SOLARA with co-stars@bdiajp The project has been screened internationally in New York, Dallas, Miami, London, China, Belgrade ++. Follow @solarasaturnalia on instagram to support the movement ! 

ペットシッター ドクタードッグ

a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

THE MAKERS OF SOLARA Saturnalia (Kawaii Kali REDUX)                                                      🏽️ 

#crystalballemoji #PinealSMACK 👀👁👀👁👀👁👀👁

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