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Rainbow Warriors !whatUp! Buddha-Bitches we outchere my mans @undakova cookin up shakti-BASSलिए & conscious

it's time 2 affirm ya higher-Self and get-Down-witcha embodied-Divinity @ultraculturalothers DREAM BEAT is every month on the New Moon. A wellness ritual with hip hop yoga, meditation, Ecstatic Dance rituals, cacao medicine & intentional community 

Brinyy Summer "Creating the Chakraslive performance 
January 2017 Dream Beat

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 ⚔ Style watch from the hood-Witch @lalahoney.darling 


photo: @thehoodwitch + @laluna_sangre

Kali is Time *kala and *Beyond Time MahaKala////MahaKali. Times carries the Fact of Death and the prana or vital breath is the microcosm of cosmic time, the seasonal rhythm reflecting Death, Time, Change and the possibility of the Realization of Samadhi of Timelessness the dance of Kali begins with the inner rhythm of the Living and expands to embrace the cosmos, continuing to the End of the world where it is swallowed in the abyss of cosmic flood. Kali in her dance spins the Universe, drawing its rotating axis back into Timelessness where              
                 the Yogi dwells in E-t-e-r-n-i-t-yyyyyy

       Swagophilia's $ong of Fleshy Wind   
नीचे बकवास करने के लिए                   

"Meanwhile, Rachel Phillips’s Psychic Dream Girls presents all the ephemera of modern femininity—glitter, sequins, yoga attire—and tosses it together with cigarettes, candy, Jane Fonda, and Katie Cercone’s deranged, shamanistic take on a hip-hop video to create a world that feels like an Instagram model’s fever dream." 
       -@observer on Psychic-Dream-Girls curated by @321.rachel @springbreakartshow  
                               READ FULL 

     CHAKIRA a.k.a. Kira Melville @tinygreentrees
July artist-in-residence at @ultraculturalothers Urban Urban- - Mystery- - Skool  ☀️☄️


@gopushpops x @undakova x@ayurvedicmama workshop using sound, light, color and hip-hop-yoga to teach about the chakras during love-action-art-lounge @franklinstreetworks
photos by Malcolm Tom 

a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

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Did ya know ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS: Urban Mystery Skool offers a competitive 1-Month mystical self-study & wellness immersive for interdisciplinary creatives, post-studio artists, yung shamans, urban monks, queers, Buddha bitches, punk/Eco/hip hop Feminists and radical Others?Hosted by High Prieztezz Or NAH & Undakova w/ @gopushpops and rotating guest faculty in Manhattan's LES. 

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