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Erotic as bridge between Political & Spiritual ؤسسة مستشفى سرطان الاطفال

The Erotic as B〰R〰I〰D〰G〰E 
Between the Political & the $piritURL

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                                 @gopushpops MUD JOY WITH Grandmother Willow 
                                   feat. UNDAKOVA photography by @metametagasm

  • A "virgin" woman 
  • traditionally meant 
  • un-married, complete-in-herself, 
  • self-creting 


नीचे बकवास करने के लिए                                     
Ayurvedic Mama is faculty at out 

ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS Urban Mystery Skool, which means you can study one-on-one with her when you are accepted into our competitive 1-month wellness immersive for radical creatives. To learn more & apply for 2018-19 cycle, checkout our website HERE *

      BlessingWAYمؤسسة مستشفى سرطان الاطفال 

                                  🦄: > : 💜: > : 💕: > : ✨: > : 💕: > : ✨: > : 💕: > 🦄: > : 💜: > : 💕: > : ✨: > : 💕: > : ✨: > : 💕: > : 

   : : : : : : : : > > >  GEM SPA ❤️

                            : : : : : : : : > > >  PUNK BEA$T ❤️

Speak in Visions, in ideas that S$$SSsspin

              to the edge of Realityyyy

         x  x x x x SPIDER CREATRiX X X X 

                   DEAN CERCONE @secretprojectrobot 
 ؤسسة مستشفى سرطان الاطفال 

Bittersweet end of an E_R_A 
Having lived in Bushwick for over 10 years... I made some beautiful memories during "bos" Bushwick-open-studios especially those epic early @gopushpops performances fueled on adrenaline and eros. If I've learned anything in the last decade it's the importance of clarity and integrity in Art and Life. I've lost respect for too many nyc folks who were ruined by becoming too famous too soon or feeling never famous enough. In the year of purification I'd like to see less ambition and more love. Less manipulation, more transparency and accountability. Less competition and more community. I always feared if I healed myself I'd have nothing to make art about. Giving birth was a huge paradigm-SHIFT I'm an empty vessel. No glamour left in the struggle, no urge to fetishize sex and death. No desire to assert myself in tortured riddles and veiled Reveals. Currently honoring my 40 days at home with the newborn baby, content to rest by the river, breastfeed and eat @ayurvedicmama's chia seed pudding contemplating the cycle of life, looking to cultivate more peace, wisdom, and see with the ripe eyes of a Grandmother who has learned what's really important in life 

 - OR NAH (Fall 2016)  ؤسسة مستشفى سرطان الاطفال 

                   Go! Push Pops * Push Palmistry * at Body Actualized Center circa 2014

Art that involves sacrifice and produces superntural Pwer !

a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

                                  Wahe! Guru! At home with the babes Kali Xion Williams 

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