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⚡⚡⚡ ولاد الكلبة YONIVERSE

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Womb Whispering is the order of the Day. 
Lately I’ve been infusing my daily yoga practice with deep listening to my Yoni Temple ... releasing the past, swirling light into my creative caverns. Did you know the act of sexual intercourse alters your DNA? As women we carry the energy of our partners at least seven years back, some of us carry ghosts, and other negative aspects from ancestors and past lives. Creating a Womb mandala is one way of getting clear about boundaries and who and what (and when!) you allow others into your Temple. “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word, Sanskrit is not a regular language we can compare to English… its words are sacred utterances, designed for religious and ritual traditions. The esoteric meaning of each letter of the Sanskrit alphabet, “language of the gods,” defines the innermost content of a given word. The full meaning of yoni, pronounced yo-nee... 

Y = The animating principle, the heart, the true self, union
O = Preservation, brightness
N = Lotus, Motherhood, menstrual cycle, nakedness, emptiness, pearl
I = Love, desire, consciousness; to shine, to pervade; pain and sorrow

नीचे बकवास करने के लिए                                

“if the oceans die we die. It’s that simple” another epic image from the artist @andrei_jewell who is taking on environmental awareness issues in the crystal cove of KOH PHaNGANthailand where we met Andrei as part of his new body of work CRYSTAL COVE #lessplasticmorefantastic recently I wrote on his work for @art511mag ... so beautiful to see this image of my partner @undakova and our son Kali Xion ... excited to be back in the Love Bay this May for @ultraculturalothers hip-hop-yoga retreat 


If you’re using Feminism as an excuse to tease, punish or manipulate men; profit or experience personal gain or get attention - you’re not aligned with the highest forms of female power and the Love that you deserve. You and I and them “the patriarchy” all have more healing to do. Whether we’re disavowing a whole race, gender, religion or just one opponent, we’re equally reinforcing its power and not fully awake to our own. We’re fueling the same energies of greed, sexploitation and control that created our contemporary crises in consciousness. We all try to devour the Other, where we come from remains the same. What really innervates you is you. And other spoiled, petty, unhinged, entitled, piggish, medicated, robotic, apologetic, self-seeking, self-deprecating, self-destructive, diseased, depressed, reactive, neurotic, or sloppy reflections you’re refracting from your holographic mind. Die to your desire. What you need today is not what you will need tomorrow. Jump in the river in swim (Like an adult) If you are really really really down with the Womb Grail, and sincerely desire to learn more about the Great Mystery of All Mysteries, join us at@ultraculturalothers an Urban Mystery Skool in #LES Manhattan co-created by myself & @undakova if you’re not ready, slap a hashtag on dat ass and #unfollow MINES เฮียยิ้ม

Getting some scintillating downloads preparing to interview radical visionary artist @melanie_bonajo about nature’s exuberance, empathy economies, eco-spiritual teasers, transcultural feminist utopias and why Healing is the new punk ☄️



It has been a pleasure to watch this artist blossom ... 

now work with her this May during 

the @ultraculturalothers Hip-Hop-Yoga Retreat in Thailand. Kelly's artistic vision from the recent feature I curated for @art511mag ... "My earliest memories revolve around creativity – stringing together songs or fantasy stories, making jewelry, dressing up in a funky way, or creating “stews” with flowers and weeds." Kelly’s primary form is performance art, through which she expresses in stories and sound experimentation infused with poetry, hip-hop and opera. She combines this work with site-specific ritual, sculpture and play. Her work is about reclaiming the Divine Feminine, her body, her healing, relationship to the spiritual, personal feminism and authentic self-expression. In this realm she also takes on the monikers bruja, alien, bunny and shaman. Ideally, her work models “integrating new methods of being that encourage me/women to live in a BO$$-state of self-love and self-designed success.” Ready to cultivate your own BO$$-state of self-love ? LEARN MORE *

photo by the visual guru #barronclaiborne @bcafricanus 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

Sometimes you find a radiant one guides you to 

integrate and unearth powers in yourself you haven’t 

seen in lifetimes. I have been so blessed to have 

@lifelabsrk in my life as a beloved teacher for several 

years now. Many of you know I swear by her Kundalini 

labs, Dream Gong getaways, Rishi Retreats & of course 

the Mothership Moon-Womb

a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

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