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We are ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS: an intentional community & urban mystery skool in the Lower East Manhattan looking for a fellow radical creative with decent video skills (shooting and editing) to collaborate with us on some D.I.Y. hip hop yoga music videos and B-roll content for social media starting early February 2018.

ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS is an urban mystery skool based on a fusion of hip hop and yoga led by creative directors MC "Make Change" Undakova, a native New Yorker and conscious hip hop artist and his partner Or Nah, a yogini priestess, artist and spiritual gangsta. Based in the 5 Elements of Holistic Hip Hop Yoga - sound, movement, intention, visual, vocal – our work takes the form of circle work “ciphers,” hip hop yoga playgrounds, performative lectures, sacred arts workshops and new moon wellness rituals in addition to elements of wearable art, altar making, sound healing and other ritual aesthetics. 

ultraculturalothers at

To apply email your resume and a letter of interest to

Learn more @ultraculturalothers on Instagram


Non-paid/ School Credit Available

We can offer trade for classes at our urban mystery skool (some classes include monk mojo, womb whispering, white tantra and divination)

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Did ya know ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS: Urban Mystery Skool offers a competitive 1-Month mystical self-study & wellness immersive for interdisciplinary creatives, post-studio artists, yung shamans, urban monks, queers, Buddha bitches, punk/Eco/hip hop Feminists and radical Others?Hosted by High Prieztezz Or NAH & Undakova w/ @gopushpops and rotating guest faculty in Manhattan's LES. 

Take our onboarding survey to begin the application process for 1-month micro-residencies in 2018-19 HERE *

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