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✨Channel into Action -UNDAKOVA ENTERPRISES✨

"Our dreams, goals and visions are becoming a reality. Now is the time to stay focused" -UNDAKOVA

     A cycle is coming to an end for the better regardless of who is ready or not. Time to look fear dead in the eye and commit to changing that energy into love and a space for miracles to flourish. I personally invite you to put some good vibrations within this magical journey we are embarking and step into your powerful courageous self-expression with us at A real turn around is possible right now. May you continue to stay focussed. 

February 16th 6pm-10pm

DREAM BEAT: Aquarius- the water bearer bears it all.
Dream Beat is a contemporary wellness party ritual drawing together creative (radical) visionaries, conscious parents and young ones for community healing, divine incantation, song, dance, cultural dreaming, drums and the linking of magic to everyday Life. This high vibration sacred wellness ritual draws together a diverse cross-section of New Yorkers who wish to connect to the divinity found in the mind, sacred arts and nature. 

Co-led by Undakova & Or Nah plus rotating featured artists, our DREAM BEAT events will allow you to collectively practice holistic techniques designed to cultivate strength of mind and body, clarity of vision and total heart expansion.
( Image above of January graduate of Urban Mystery Skool's Beast Coast program Tristen Goodman sharing his Tarot Readings at Dream Beat: The G.O.A.T. )
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Shakti-Slayers that really know whatsup 
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Dream Beat

Doors close at 8pm to hold sacred space

This Month's Featured Artists : 

- Heart-warming Cacao Invocation
-"Healing Ring of Tantra" led by 
Katie Cercone
- Conscious Affirmation Soundscapes with Undakova
- Dance warm up led by Charlotte Cwikowski
- Crystalline Sound Bath Savasana led by Or Nah
- Biomagnetic Healing Sessions with 
Fan Ny
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May 3rd - 13th 2018

YO!YOGI Retreat Thailand

Some say to believe you can just get the money together and fly all the way to the other side of the world within a months time is a pipedream. 

"Stop daydreaming while you are at work" your co-worker scoffs at you. "Be practical, look at the numbers, this is just not possible with your income" your brain sputters. 

We don't pioneer a wellness event called "DreamBeat" for nothing. We don't just dream we #createvisions and bring LIFE-enhancing ideas into reality. And furthermore we don't do this alone. We utilize one another and other like minded people who know in their hearts life has to be more than what the media tells us it is "Get good grades, go to college, get a stable secure job, have a family and die."

If we all believe something else is possible then we can as our yogi brethren we met on our first trip to Thailand Abria Joseph says #Dreamitreal.

Say to yourself. I am going to Thailand with Ultracultural Others and email us, or respond to this message "How you can receive our Shakti-Special and the support you need to get your ticket and get on board with an adventure of a lifetime." #chargeup

 Yo! Yogi HIP HOP YOGA Retreat in Thailand 2018 
Learn More

Come be the change. We bring positivity, healing and inspiration wherever we go. One of our favorite places is Koh Phangan. If you watch this you may learn more than you would by not seeing it because a picture is worth 1000 words but this video is worthy of your time and energy right now. Check it out!

จำนวนมาก BONUSES 

My vision of infusing Holistic Hip Hop with Yoga has been sprouting for a long time now. This past week I met with many parents in over 3 different schools to show how their students have been learning positive behaviors, Breakin, Breath work, Beatboxing with my team at BEAT Global

Feeling like the dream is coming true slowly but surely. What a culmination of all that I have been learning and loving to share these past years. 

As the late B.I.G. once said "I been in this game for years, I made me a manual."
Bring your family along every Monday, 12:30 sharp at
Cobra Club in Brooklyn for ages womb to 5 Hip Hop Yoga Classes. 

It’s time to tell the truth and all of the experiences outside the margins. This May, The Rumpus will be exploring the theme of “Mothering outside the Margins,” and we want your real-life, in the trenches essays about everything we never talk about when we talk about mothers. What do the words “mother” and “mothering” mean to you? 

Say to yourself. I am going to Thailand with Ultracultural Others and email us, or respond to this message "How you can receive our Shakti-Special and the support you need to get your ticket and get on board with an adventure of a lifetime." #blessedtimes

Looking forward to celebrating the Lunar New year coming soon for 2018. See you at Dream Beat
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