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Our plantlike surrender to being Alive الاطفال

Carried by integral w-a-v-e-s
we lean with grace on our 
plantlike surrender to 
being Alive  
مؤسسة مستشفى سرطان الاطفال

I am the supreme Shakti, whose seat is made of the great lord Shiva; my eternal form is sovereignty and wisdom. I am the impeller of all the GENETRIX. I am she who bestows liberation to all, who orchestrates creation, preservation, and destruction, the matriarch of the world. I am she who enables beings to cross the ocean that is samsara. I consist of Eternal Bliss & I myself am the eternal one ... 

[Excerpts from Mahabhagavata, a collection of narratives about the Great Goddess] 

 image: The Misrepresentation of Representation by @nadineijewere ⚡️

Woman is the creator of the universe, 
the universe is her form;
woman is the foundation of the world...
There is no jewel rarer than a woman,
no condition superior to that of a woman;
there is no kingdom, no wealth,
to be compared with a woman;
there is not, nor has been, nor will be
any holy place like unto a woman.
There is no prayer to equal a woman.
There is not, nor has been, nor will be
any yoga to compare with a woman,
no mystical formula nor asceticism
to match a woman.
There are not, nor have been, nor will be
any riches more valuable than woman.

~ from the Saktisangama Tantra

AIDA on Broadway

Spirituality may express itself directly thru rites in which works of art are an indispensable and focal means of communication with the supernatural, with the Real. Trancedream and waking experience are interlocking planes in which art flows.

Occult CRYSTAL WAND from @spinningcastle


Hin TAI and Hin YAI are genitalia shaped, mystical monuments to the sacredness of sexuality located on the south coast of Koh Samui, Thailand. Affectionately called "Grandmother" (YAI) and "Grandfather" (HAI) stone, these coastal relics remind us of the naturalness of bodies and procreative pleasure, and most importantly, of our human reliance on the health and fertility of the Mother-Earth and her many healing elements. Morality is a geographically, ethnographically and historically specific construct of the modern world 

ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS Hip Hop Yoga retreat in May will take us near to these relics in the south of Thailand, want to learn more? Checkout our website

My 'Ho000oOOOoooo0oOOD

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a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

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