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Kaaba الكعبة‎ GALACTIC CORE & more

                                       KaliMA worshipper, AmbubachiMela Festival

Goddess Sakti was so insulted when she and her husband Shiva were not invited to an important sacrificial feast that she killed herself in a fit of rage and protest. God Shiva wandered the world restlessly, carrying the corpse of his beloved Sakti, destroying all he encountered. God Vishnu followed Shiva in his wanderings, finally cutting Sakti’s body to pieces, which fell down to the earth, and these places came to be known as shaktipiths shrine-Of-The-Goddess or Seat-Of-Power Sakti’s yoni fell at the Manobhavaguha Cave in Kamakhya. The cave is regarded as the axis-Mundi or center-Of-The-Universe a stone within the cave harboring a yoni-shaped cleft is called the yonimandala Kamakhyais regarded as the aspect of the Great Goddess prepared for sexual play/pleasure. Her stone cleft stays moist due to a natural spring within the cave. One can even witness the menstruation of the goddess, an event that is celebrated during the festival of Ambubachi Mela. Today Ambubachi Mela remains a vibrant annual fixture of the Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati city, where various sakti Pujas are performed. Between mid-July and mid-August the Great Goddess is menstruating, a fertile woman who cultivates, germinates and grows crops. The temple doors are shut for a period of days while the Goddess sheds blood in prayer for the fertility of the Earth.


Lake Hillier in Western Australia, Recherche Archipelago, Middle Island 

GODDESS worship 

            at the root of Islam

In Pre-Islamic times, Al’Lat, the Great-Goddess of Nomadic Peoples of Arabia ruled as a triple divinity representing virgin maiden "Qure" Strong woman/mother "Al’Uzza" and wise crone "Al’Menat" 💚💛💜 Goddess Al’Lat was originally worshipped at the Kaaba الكعبة‎‎ cube at the center of Mecca where now lies Islam's greatest Mosque. Here at her sacred place, a great stone in the shape of her yoni (a black meteorite believe to have fallen from heaven) Al’Lat was served by seven priestesses. Her worshippers would circle the sacred black stone seven times, once for each of the seven black planets. With the sweep of patriarchal religion through Europe, the near East and into the Arabian deserts came Prophet Muhammad, born of the Quraysh tribe dedicated to the Goddess Qure and the official guardians of Kaaba. When Muhammad began to preach his newfound creed focusing on Allah and male dominion over nature/women…he was cast out of his tribe, leaving Mecca on what is now the first day of the Islamic calendar. He later returned with an army of followers and conquered the city, destroying all idols of Goddess worship save the black stone from heaven, which was what made Mecca a place-Of-PowerMuhammad changed the name of Al’Lat into Allah and transformed the Goddess’s stone into the right hand of Allah. Much like similar sacred Yoni relics of India, the Black Stone is traditionally touched by Muslims for good luck 

IMAGE: Al’Lat's Black-Stone-Of-Heaven [southeastern corner of the Kaaba] ✨🌙➰💚〰🌙✨

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Our consciousness continually  

re-creates matter


Surrender to high states of joy, 

love & acceptance

 Lord VISHNU                

Supreme Preserver & Protector   

Cultivating a Tantric practice of 

Lovng Presence n Lovemakng 

is integral to Spiritual & Cultural 


                   ☄ GENETRIX gang 

                           OR NAH x UNDAKOVA x Baby Kali photo by @metametagasm


@gopushpops x @undakova *Ecstatic Birth Blanket Babylon* 
during @marietomanova's Youth Explosion: The New Bohemians 
as featured in @interviewmag

नीचे बकवास करने के लिए                                  

a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

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