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Family Yoga led by UNDAKOVA w/Katie Cercone

Every Sunday @ Daya Yoga Studio 380 Jefferson St, Brooklyn 
Adults and children have different qualities and views of the world. Just as much as we teach our children, there is great value in learning from them.
Family Yoga at Daya is a space where children are taught the fundamentals of yoga through structured games, songs, stories and activities. Parents are active participants, encouraged to find their silly side.

UNDAKOVA has chosen and crafted these games & music to be beneficial for both parents and children - you will notice colors and beauty around you, explore your voice and your body. All of the benefits of a structured adult yoga class, enhanced by the presence of younger souls. 
Peace, ease and common ground with your child.
Every sunday at 4pm. To sign up, please go to or just show up to the studio at or before 4pm!
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