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HIGH Priestess HIP HOP 4 Week Workshop at the Tarot Society

Undakova aka Universe. Naturally. Delivers. All. Knowledge. of Vitality. Automatically. is a Native New Yorker, wizard, hip hop yogi & all around change-agent. As faculty at our Urban Mystery Skool, he instructs Monk Mojo, High Priestess Hip Hop & Transcendental Drumming. A teaching artist and beyond recognized for his new paradigm lesson plans, wise spiritual counsel and Shakti-Bass dance sets infused with mega swag, you can catch him at the opening of our ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS show "Intuition is Razor Sharp" performing live & Monday nights in July for the HIGH Priestess HIP HOP 4 Week Workshop at the Tarot Society!
To get exclusive DJ Undakova music mixes including his latest July 4th sound experience, check him out on PATREON

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