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🌈😎🌟 Change has come -UNDAKOVA ENTERPRISES ✨💥✌💜

"Trust in self. Times of transition are when your faith in strengthened" -UNDAKOVA

It's finally coming together despite me 

    They say "Behind every great man is a powerful High Priestess" I believe it has been my blessing to experience this truth. 
    Knowing that the male only image of God is false. Knowing that the divine feminine is in all of us and needs to be balanced within. Knowing I must use my talents to help the planet. Knowing the Universe has my back and I am a strong, focussed and loving individual.  
   Then what could I do that compliments my work and my purpose here on earth ?.
    Time to share the
Violet Flames of the Lioness Order. Time to clear out what is no longer serving me and make space for something more purposeful in life.
It is time to focus on what we love and begin to crystalize our desires. 
Friday July 7th, 7-11pm at Tarot Society

Intuition is Razor Sharp
Go! Push Pops is returning to their old stomping grounds in Bushwick for a witchy ritual art show opening at Tarot Society this Friday. Come #bridgethelove and checkout the full month of programming including a Rebecca Goyette film night with snacks by @AyurvedicMama July 14th, as well as featured performances by UNDAKOVAMantra MundanaKatie Macyshyn,Susannah SimpsonIsis Swaby, Damali Abrams,  Elisa GhsOR NAHKira Melville & Natalia Yovane
artwork above is by Elisa Garcia de la Huerta
Y O U R FAN G S A R E H A N G I N G L O W : : : . . : : :
M e r m a id friends, 
exp e r i m e n t a l E T H ER ,
Blood M A G I K, 
Q U E E R e p h e m e r a, long black ashes, 
M A D O N N A S s s s S E R V i N G PRANAYAMA, stix n b o n e s . . .
g o l d e n - s h o w e r z, 
h i g h ^ v i b r a t i o ns . . . : : : 
F E E L S LIKE a n g e l h a i r p asta... 
Ss s swerves l i k e D R A K E 

See you Friday July 7th at Tarot Society Brooklyn NYC
Mondays starting July 10th, 7-8:30pm@Tarot Society

4 Week High Priestess Hip Hop Workshop

It is time to overcome my fear of being mocked, misunderstood, persecuted, laughed at. Time to stop defending myself and just shine bright knowing together we can overcome obstacles. If you want to become empowered and use our voice to clear the way to your path. Then check out this workshop I am leading on Mondays this month in Brooklyn. 

4-week Workshop 
Mondays July 10, 17th, 24th and the 31st, 7pm-8:30pm
$70 for the Series, $20 Drop-in


You will learn to find your voice and flow with your heart. We utilize 
freestyle rhyming to break through our highs and lows, and move ourselves out of the way to clear space for all of the goodness we want to see blossoming in our world through dance, song and play. 

There will also be an estatic dance portion to a live 1-hour Chakra meditation music set from DJ UNDAKOVA. So come out of your shell and showcase your sacred art. This will be an opportunity to showcase your talent for performances at Dream Beat and up and coming Festivals with UNDAKOVA 

Click here for more info as well on the facebook page

JULY 21st 6-10pm @ Sixth Street Community 

Co-led by MC "Make Change" Undakova and rotating featured artists, our DREAM BEAT events open with a meditation followed by circle work, live performance art, ecstatic dance, affirmations & cosmic visuals synergistically coordinated to help you cultivate strength of mind and body, clarity of vision and total heart expansion. 

Dream Beat invokes the language of the Goddess expressed by poets, shamans, artists and emcees as pathways between worlds, a sacred space where the names and forms of false consciousness disappear. Come together with our Dream Beat tribe to reinvigorate your purpose for many moons to come.

YOGA 6:15-7:15pm Led by
 Mary Ann Fernandez of Gypsy Yogis
1st Floor Sixth Street Community Center (extra $10)

Doors close at 8pm to hold sacred space


- Dance Warm-up with 
Charlotte Cwikowski
- Conscious Affirmations with Undakova
- Tea, tarot, Aura Cleansing & Activism brought to you by The Regenerates Samuel Barnes & Irayida Galaxia
- Face painting by Zen Coz 
- Dance warm-down with Jessica Trovato of NY GROOVEs
- with Love & Support from Ximena Balmori
Buy Tickets Now

If you're interested in checking out Thailand's most magical oasis, a hidden gem of the world's nomadic healers, we'll be leading a retreat this coming September with ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS Urban Mystery Skool. 10 days of YOGA & ALCHEMICAL SOUND HEALING on the beach, expect the adventure or a life time. A time to heal, transcend, digital detox, strengthen your body and clear your mind. Circle work, voice activation, sound healing, ecstatic dance & labyrinth walking mediation among other shamanic activations. Don't forget the tropical smoothies and fresh thai cuisine!  Check out our video and website for more details.

Undakova aka Universe. Naturally. Delivers. All. Knowledge. of Vitality. Automatically. is a Native New Yorker, wizard, hip hop yogi & all around change-agent. As faculty at our Urban Mystery Skool, he instructs Monk Mojo, High Priestess Hip Hop & Transcendental Drumming. A teaching artist and beyond recognized for his new paradigm lesson plans, wise spiritual counsel and Shakti-Bass dance sets infused with mega swag, you can catch him at the opening of Intuition is Razor Sharp performing live & Monday nights in July for the HIGH Priestess HIP HOP 4 Week Workshop and get exclusive DJ Undakova music mixes including his latest July 4th sound experience,
Show your support for UNDAKOVA on PATREON

I often get requests from artists and radical creatives for spiritual & professional help.   Up until now, I've pretty much always turned them down. As a native New Yorker, I’m naturally attuned to what can be some high velocity and at times staggeringly heartbreaking vicissitudes of culture, industry and economy. During the last year, as I’ve slowly come into my role as co-creative director at ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS, the Urban Mystery Skool I recently opened with my beloved partner Or Nah, I've begun to help a few select people... and realize how much I really love to help inspire artists’ visionary, cosmic and professional goals. I’m divinely led and good at it too!


One woman I worked with recently in Thailand was clueless about how she could confidently speak about her practice and share it with a community that both intrigued and intimidated her. I helped her tweak a few things here and there, and watched as she confidently guided her participants into a deep and healing space, introducing her transformational breathwork and mindfulness practice with ease and joy. Another artist was wasting time at the wrong locations looking for support for her paintings. I helped her recognize how much time she was wasting trying to reach “everyone”– and how to focus on ONLY those who were aligned with her vision. And guess what? She did exactly that! And it WORKED like a charm.

Of course, there’s an endless amount of ways to show up and be or service in this swiftly evolving world. You already intuitively understand how doing your unique work within communities that need and respect your vision is paramount.

NEW Sound Alchemy Retreat Video
Every Sunday @ Daya Yoga Studio 380 Jefferson St, Brooklyn 
Family Yoga led by UNDAKOVA w/Katie Cercone
Adults and children have different qualities and views of the world. Just as much as we teach our children, there is great value in learning from them.

Family Yoga at Daya is a space where children are taught the fundamentals of yoga through structured games, songs, stories and activities. Parents are active participants, encouraged to find their silly side.

UNDAKOVA has chosen and crafted these games & music to be beneficial for both parents and children - you will notice colors and beauty around you, explore your voice and your body. All of the benefits of a structured adult yoga class, enhanced by the presence of younger souls. 

Peace, ease and common ground with your child.

Every sunday at 4pm.
To sign up, please go to or just show up to the studio at or before 4pm!

Undakova Live @ Peaceful Yogi Jungle Bungalow

A new soundscape from UNDAKOVA to help you move through those vulnerable times of transition with humility, faith and trust in self. Full of sweet ambient sounds, this mix is perfect for waking up to and beginning your morning yoga practice or gentle mid-afternoon dance ritual.  Inspired by UNDAKOVA's recent family trip to Thailand with Katie and Kali, these tracks conjure up sweet young coconuts, crystalline sands and meditation on the serene beaches of Thailand's most sacred spiritual oasis.

Picture yourself on the sandy beaches of Thailand and come take a ride with us. 1 hour of blissful goodies chosen just for your total relaxation and rejuvenation. After the the 1 hour mark the beat picks up a bit so you can start your day with buoyant vitality.


This past weekend we had the blessing to leave NYC and arrive in Lunenburg MA for the gathering of a lifetime. We were able to rejuvenate in nature and also take some time away to have a bit of a digital detox. Of course we served with our Hip Hop Yoga workshops but we also had some quality family time together.

This was a great gathering also because on the new moon we were a part of the acquisition of Camp Timber Trails where the next Unifier Gathering will be. What a blessing to be part of this growing tribe and intentional community. 

Jason of Incus says his "personal hopes for the Land is that we hold a place for the Greatest Good, an inspirational center for a diverse community, a sacred site where we share in our reverence for the Land, where we share our creativity, where we listen deeply, where we practice regenerative resource management, where we conceive those yet to come, and where we lay the ashes of those that choose this, at a place that will be held for generations to come."

Thank you for your love, kindness and support always. Please take a moment to spread the word about the SOUND ALCHEMY RETREAT THAILAND to those who might appreciate it. With love and light.

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