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Intuition is Razor Sharp. Film Night @ Tarot Society

I never saw a Rebecca Goyette film before. But tonight I will watch Golden Showers which premiered at the Volta Art Fair.
Since first meeting her at the F Word premiere screening many moons ago we have crossed paths many times and have thumbs up one another along the way. I even saw Rebecca randomly on the day of Kali's birth.

After a few triggering moments this past full moon I am fully grateful I am excited I am still intrigued by the many expressions and paths of "resurrecting" the divine feminine energy back to the forefront of consciousness in a way that still keeps the power in the hands of those who honor and harness that energy. 

Tonight is a special night and catalyst for my soul's growth and the path spirit wants to take me. Maybe yours too.
Because we have freewill we have to decide which route we want to take. I choose to take the route that states we are all one and there is no separation. I choose the route that allows me to surrender my pride and to come from a place of love. I admit I expounded on hate and fear within me mainly because I was seeing with my physical eyes and not able to see clearly and focus on the best possible outcome. I've learned sometimes there is no clear solution or outcome. One just has to continue to communicate honestly and stay aware of the omens as they reveal themselves. 

Today "Freya" day and I am excited to hear everyone communicating honestly from where they are as we move toward the middle of this journey at the Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room

Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room
4 Charles Pl, Brooklyn, New York 11221
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