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It's time to speak my truth and approve of myself.

It's finally coming together despite me. They say "Behind every great man is a powerful High Priestess." I believe this has been my blessing to experience this truth.

Knowing that the male only image of God is false. Knowing that that the divine feminine is in all of us and needs to be balanced within. Knowing I must use my talents to help the planet. Knowing the Universe has my back and I am a strong, focussed and loving individual.

Then what could I do that compliments my work and my purpose here on earth?

Time to share the Violet Flames of the Lioness Order. Time to clear out what is no longer serving me and make space for something more purposeful life. It is time to focus on what we love and begin to crystalize our desires.

It is time to overcome my fear of being mocked, misunderstood, persecuted, laughed at. Time to stop defending myself and just shine bright knowing together we can overcome obstacles. If you want to become empowered and use our voice to clear the way to your path. Then check out this workshop I am leading on Mondays this month in Brooklyn.

4-week Workshop Led by UNDAKOVA
Mondays July 10-31st, 6:30-8pm
$70 for the Series, $20 Drop-in @
TAROT SOCIETY 4 Charles Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11221REGISTER NOW

Undakova aka Universe. Naturally. Delivers. All. Knowledge. of Vitality. Automatically. is a Native New Yorker, wizard, hip hop yogi & all around change-agent. As faculty at our Urban Mystery Skool, he instructs Monk Mojo, High Priestess Hip Hop & Transcendental Drumming. A teaching artist and beyond recognized for his new paradigm lesson plans, wise spiritual counsel and Shakti-Bass dance sets infused with mega swag, you can catch him Monday nights in July for the HIGH Priestess HIP HOP 4 Week Workshop and get exclusive DJ Undakova music mixes including his latest July 4th sound experience, Show your support for UNDAKOVA on PATREON
Click here for more info as well on the facebook page
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