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1hr Soundscape: Peaceful Jungle Bungalow

A new soundscape from UNDAKOVA to help you move through those vulnerable times of transition with humility, faith and trust in self. Full of sweet ambient sounds, this mix is perfect for waking up to and beginning your morning yoga practice or gentle mid-afternoon dance ritual.  Inspired by UNDAKOVA's recent family trip to Thailand with Katie and Kali, these tracks conjure up sweet young coconuts, crystalline sands and meditation on the serene beaches of Thailand's most sacred spiritual oasis.

Listen to Peaceful Yogic Soundscape DJed by Undakova

Picture yourself on the sandy beaches of Thailand and come take a ride with us. 1 hour of blissful goodies chosen just for your total relaxation and rejuvenation. After the the 1 hour mark the beat picks up a bit so you can start your day with buoyant vitality.

Listen to Peaceful Yogic Soundscape DJed by Undakova

If you're interested in checking out Thailand's most magical oasis, a hidden gem of the world's nomadic healers, we'll be leading a retreat this coming September with ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS Urban Mystery Skool. 10 days of YOGA & ALCHEMICAL SOUND HEALING on the beach, expect the adventure or a life time. A time to heal, transcend, digital detox, strengthen your body and clear your mind. Circle work, voice activation, sound healing, ecstatic dance & labyrinth walking mediation among other shamanic activations. Don't forget the tropical smoothies and fresh thai cuisine!  Check out our website for more details
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