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4 Week High Priestess Hip Hop Workshop

It is time to overcome my fear of being mocked, misunderstood, persecuted, laughed at. Time to stop defending myself and just shine bright knowing together we can overcome obstacles. If you want to become empowered and use our voice to clear the way to your path. Then check out this workshop I am leading on Mondays this month in Brooklyn. 
HIGH PRIESTESS HIP HOP 4-week Workshop  Mondays July 10, 17th, 24th and the 31st, 7pm-8:30pm $70 for the Series, $20 Drop-in
You will learn to find your voice and flow with your heart. We utilize  freestyle rhyming to break through our highs and lows, and move ourselves out of the way to clear space for all of the goodness we want to see blossoming in our world through dance, song and play.  There will also be an estatic dance portion to a live 1-hour Chakra meditation music set from DJ UNDAKOVA. So come out of your shell and showcase your sacred art. This will be an opportunity to showcase your talent for performances at Dream Beat and up and coming Festivals with UNDAKOVA 
Click here for more info as well on the facebook page 
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