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A new year is upon us.

I can't believe it is only two. Not even two months. A Month in some days away from January 1st. I cannot believe a year went by so fast. I learned about twitter on new years I believe or some time close by the beginning of the year. Wow it will be a year since I learned about twitter. How has it enhanced my life? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Has it enhanced my life. What happened this year. I sit in an office as I type in a house and can hear the TV in the other room blasting pretty loud. My girlfriend has been watching TV for the past hour as I have been staring at this computer screen adding books to my wishlist on Then I decided to blog I guess. We had a romantic candle lit dinner. She drank some wine. I ate some sweet cake she made after. And we have been in seperate rooms for the past hour and I am writing about twitter. Hahah that just seems funny to me. Why? Well I don't know. The internet, meeting people, love, connection. Somehow it all comes together in an expression depicting what life as a 30 something is in this day and age of technology. Its funny growing up. This past weekend my girlfriend and I went to a wedding reception for one of my closest friends when I was in college. I must have used the word and heard the word morgage more times this year than ever in my life. Babies? Morgages? Weddings? SIgn of the times for sure. Anyhow my guess is I should stop typing this blog for a moment and spend the remainder of my evening with my girlfriend glued to the TV before we hit the sack for the night. Hope all is well. Stay up and stay blessed. . . . oh and stay away from Twitter. You never know what might come of it. Cheers to the future and new year coming.
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