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You can Learn a lot of things from the Flowers

[caption id="attachment_1119" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption=""You can't learn a lot of things from the flowers""]Flowers and Roses [/caption]

"You can learn a lot of things from the flowers" like Alice in wonderland/

muladhara chakra got me on another plan/

grounded to the earth snap like a rubber band/ back to the first stage Bija mantra "lang"/

lang lang repeat in til you sink in sand/

root your feet beneath the streets feel the earths demand/

worldly possessions seem unique but never will withstand/

the forces of nature our benevolent mothers hand/

with one touch you feel safer in the motherland/

jungle meets technology? they don't understand/

chosen ones who follow me "undakova fans"/

know only one is the father he orchestrates the grand/

scheme of your reality catch me if you can/

stay in the moment stay present look at the flowers with no hands/

they still grow wise possessing what they have inside the lotus rises again/

regardless of the mud terrain or "negative" commands/

they rise with love and compassion the weapons of our clan/

so if your reading my own words Then notice I began/

saying "you can learn a lot from the flowers" let's not forget my friend.


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