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5 minute blog about Cashflow 101

Ok I am going to write this blog in five minutes because I have a commitment to make to my team. We call each other rat racers. Why? Well because we are a group of 300 plus people who work as accountants, lawyers, web designers, stay at home moms, and yes artist who are in the rat race so to speak. We have all read Robert Kiyosaki's book Rich Dad Poor Dad and we are interested in the topic of what the Rich do that normal every day people seem to over look and not do. For example did you ever stop and think that your house or car is not an asset? Well Robert Kiyosaki says that your house or car is not an asset because it takes money out of your pocket so its a Liability. While a house that you rent out is an asset just so long as it puts money into your pocket. Simple phrases like the one I just said keep us rat racers learning about real estate and building businesses so we can have enough assets to pay for our desired lifestyle and enough passive income to eventually be out of the rat race. Sounds interesting? Well it is. Because I haven't even began to explain what this meetup is really about. It is really about meeting people here in New York City over a board game called Cashflow 101. In this game you play as a rat and yes. You guessed it. You are playing to finally get your cheese which is your big dream. Mine was to be a jet setter and to fly around the world. The person next to me wants to have Dinner with the president and 10 of her invited guest. The guy across from us is playing to save the whales in the ocean or perhaps visit the 7 wonders of the world. We all have dreams right? Well this meetup allows you to tap into that side of you that really wishes you can be financially free but this is no fun and games. You will learn some practical things that will enable you to do that. We buy stocks, real estate and businesses. . . even gold and other valuables so that we can turn them into the money that will over come our EXPENSES. Yes we all have expenses so this meetup isn't free. I have designated my time to this gathering twice a month every month for over a year now. And ya know what. I haven't really had many friends join me from facebook or people that I have already known. I have met new people each and every time I hosted the game. Can you believe that? Hows that for networking haha. I have met new people, learned from them and shared laughs over a game built to bring people together in teamwork in order to figure out what so many people are dying to know. How to get out of the friggin rat race. So my five minutes is up. If you are at all interested in how I have been using's website to get off of the web and meeting real people in person then you can check us out online at

Hope to see you out of the rat race and at one of our meetups real soon. PEace and love


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