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2009 til end of the decade commandments versus the 8 Ways.

Last year I created 10 commandments that really helped me along the way. The point of creating goals or affirmations in the New Year for me is to be a part of the designing process of your life. Let it go. And then look back and see how well you managed to keep to your word. You can check back at what you wrote every month or every now and then to keep you on track. These are the commandments I wrote for 2 years ago in 2009.

Thou shall be compassionate and patient with thyself

Thou shall eat healthy and exercise frequently

Thou shall be impeccable with your word

Thou shall build on a Financial Plan daily

Thou shall not take anything personally

Thou shall meditate 5 hours a week

Thou shall not make assumptions

Thou shall be a problem solver

Thou shall always do your best

Thou shall stay positive

So now here are some of my thoughts on 2011. In 2010 I was able to follow a format and way of living I called the 8 ways. I would usually wake up and from that point on until the end of the day I was focused on 8 various aspects of my over all life. The 8 ways are: WHWF and RCCC

WHWF stands for





RCCC stands for





I can certainly go over how I used these 8 areas of concentration practically in my every day life and scheduling but that is a whole other post. Let’s just simply figure out how these 8 directions can assist me and perhaps you with creating your goals for the New Year. Here are my aspirations for an example:


I intend on reading 12 books this year that will increase my knowledge and expertise as well as teach me something new that I never known before reading the books.

I intend of following my heart.

I intend on utilizing the knowledge I have around me to further my vision and purpose in life.


I intend on learning Tai Chi

I intend on jogging in Prospect Park once a week

I intend on learning to control my anger in ways that are productive and positive for me and those who love me.

I intend on meditating 5 times a week.


I intend on starting my own business to move from being self-employed to having a small team of like minded professionals assisting my vision for Undakova.


I intend on teaching yoga to adults and children in Brooklyn and internationally.

I intend on copyrighting and trade marking all of my creative materials


I intend on forming a closer bond with Mi-Kyoung


I intend on buying a Canon Camera that will enable me to take better photos and video

I intend on buying the most expensive, efficient, and fastest Mac computer that will enable me to do what I already love to do more efficiently. Making music, blogging, creating videos, teaching, communicating etc.

I intend on creating another successful album of music and original compositions.


I intend on growing my ability to communicate.

I intend on utilizing my abilities to communicate using social networks

I intend on learning the language of Korean and perfecting my typing and English skills.

I intend on traveling to Russia, Asia, Africa, Korea, Hawaii, Europe and Japan


I intend on earning 80,000 to my personal bank account for myself and my family.

I intend on traveling for business and spreading my brand and talents abroad through publishing, broadcasting and visiting others with my workshops.

I will solve the problems of having unsuccessful events that don’t generate money enough to transform the world and support wellness

So that is one way you can use the 8 ways to outline a structure for your goals this year and in life. If you want to use the 8 ways every day to inch forward be my guest. That is what I do daily. Just email me at and I will give you more information on how I structure my life around the8 ways. Peace and love.


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