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uh OM Namah Shivaya

uh OM Namah Shivaya

by Undakova

uh Om Namah Shivaya
uh Om Namah Shivaya
uh Om Namah Shivaya
uh Om Namah Shiva
repeat 2x

Lose control get on cruise control
move your soul let the groove unfold
so we can light the fuse "EXPLODE"
my heart purified they like "You so bold :)"
Courageousness is fueled by those
Times I ease my mind when I choose to hold
A space for devotion
withstanding commotion
Wise like OSHO
stay deep like the ocean
So I can tap into the notion
That my true self lives on when I am "open"
Don't front you know I got you open
Truthfully speaking you ain't never been broken
Perfect in every way
live your purpose and every day
you will surface and every thing
that is hurting will melt away
we gone work this so get away
from that negative energy
if you nervous remember these
simple words and just say and repeat

uh Om Namah Shivaya
uh Om Namah Shivaya
uh Om Namah Shivaya
uh Om Namah Shiva
repeat 2x


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