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3 Positive Music albums I would love to own

So for the past two years I have found that by using LastFM a radio station website you can listen to and find some of the coolest music around for yoga classes or just finding relaxation in your life around your home etc. I have been listening to it constantly and buying songs from Itunes that I favorite from listening to lastfm. By the way Undakova can be found on Last fm as well . ..  shameless plug. But anyhow the point of this post was not to promote Last Fm or Undakova but to announce 3 of the good albums I have yet to buy but wish I could because I believe them to be so beautiful and worth every penny.  The first album I would love to own is:

The Spirit of Yoga by Ben Leinbach –Has The Hierophant plus 4 other good long meditative songs on it.

Another album would be Buddha moon album with songs by Chinmaya Dunster – My favorite is Full Moon, but Waning moon, and Waxing moon are all good for a new year in in peace and wellness.

And lastly I would like to purchase GRACE by Snatam Kaur – The song Ong Namo is probably one of the best songs in the world to play for healing and getting back to our compassionate natures.

PS and one bonus album for the year even though I said I 3 Positive Music Albums is the Sacred Chants of Buddha. My favorite track by Craig Pruess is – Varja Guru Mantra

Hope you enjoyed this post and my recommendations. Peace and love.


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