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    as SOLARA Saturnalia

·                                                                Living Goddesses of Nepal
Today's "wellness Industry" & Yoga in the West have become distorted by Eurocentric beauty standards, cultural amnesia and community-eroding mechanisms of white patriarchal consumer capitalism. Pictured The Rite of Yoni-Worship ...standing under the arch of a Yoginis legs a devotee drinks "Yoni-tattva" the-Sublime-Essence 
17th Century Stone Carving in India

     When Europeans undertook their campaigns of conquest and domination in what seemed to them “new” worlds, white observers regarded the ecstatic rituals of darker-skinned peoples with horror/revulsion. In truth, Christianity was originally an ecstatic religion. Ritual ECSTASY cements social bonds. The old deities descended from paganism and Asiatic Mother Cults were accessible to all through ritually induced ecstasy. The Roman Church cracked down on the Cults of Isis, Cybele and Dionysus practiced by Europe's gypsies. For the Godfathers of White, Patriarchal Male Religion, these menacing religions involving mad-Religious-Frenzy were a threat to their authority. The new gods would speak only through MALE priests or prophets. By the 18th century, strong parallels were made between the immoral lives of the British underclass, Irish peasants, and "primitive Africsns." Parisian “convulsionary” cults boasted styles of worship as RATCHET as anything that could be found among the so called “savages.” Evidence of ecstatic dancing hinged on observations of hair tossing, which was quickly becoming a universal symbol of religious ecstasy. As Christianity transformed from a religion of song and dance, Paul addressed a mandate to the Corinthian congregation, "women should keep their heads covered in church." At that time, the site of disheveled, freely flowing hair amongst Corinthian women prophets who may have been whipping their hair "back and forth" and "round and round" connected these women too closely with the ecstatic worship of oriental deities. Paul was concerned with controlling ecstatic activity…next, he warns Christian men to keep their hair cut [notes from Barbara Ehrenreich Dancing in The StreetsA History Of Collective Joy

                  ⚙ . . . ️, , .....

                       @gopushpops @legacyfatale Guerrilla Feministing at Trashion Reak, 2014 photo:@marietomanova

Moon Womb 
Led by @siririshi @kunanate 
Beloved Yogi Harlem, 2015
w/ @lunaleve @royalmothering
                   नीचे बकवास करने के लिए

a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 
VA VA VENUS: Expanding Hearts in the Temple of LOVE 💖 a collaboration with @lainielovedalby @gopushpops

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