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Together we can enterprise in 2018

   Thanks to the Yung Shaman's and the Urban Monks we were able to secure a hosting deal that will give us up to 25K visits a month. Super robust and super awesome expansion for the UNDAKOVA website. Wouldn't have been possible without you. Now we can securely reach up to 2500 people. Can you fathom that right now?
   We have upleveled to Even though you now can find some music and songs by Undakova on the site. You still can't find the exclusive instrumentals you guys have been enjoying daily hehe. But we did want to give everyone a place where they could understand more about our Hip Hop Kids Yoga courses with Cobra Club and BEAT GLOBAL. So you can see photos and get a general understanding of what we do for the youth at. . .
Also is where our wellness ritual in NYC is being held. And now that we can hold 25k people to the site we are going to add our DREAM TEAM onto the site and share about the people who have helped Dream Beat exist over the course of 2017.
#Net Neutrality #Cryptocurrency #Artificial intelligence. UNDAKOVA has been spreading the positive vibes and insightful and knowledge infused (conscious) Hip Hop for some time now and now it seems even more important that we spread these good messages as times are surely changing exponentially. 
Please help us spread the word and share this news. 
Be the first to post about on facebook, twitter, instagram and then adds the link to the post in this description will get a pair of Crochades delivered to their doorstep. 
Thank you so much for giving yourself the journey of the "Yung Shaman" and "Urban Monk" We have much to connect on and build about and I am looking forward to it for 2018. Much love and respect always. 
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