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Give yourself permission #nowisthetime

When we give ourselves permission to go on an adventure we not only expand our horizons on a physical level but we allow the light within our hearts to expand. This reveals our #Truenature. . . open. . naked. . . vulnerable.
This vulnerable aspect to our soul can then be revealed to ourselves giving us a huge leap of growth so we can then begin accepting divine love from our sacred soul family. Brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime :)
No matter what pain you have been through in your past (breakup, heartbreak, and let-downs) #nowisthetime to love and cherish yourself and give yourself the gift you deserve.
Come join us in the Love Bay this May for Ultracultural Others, Yo! Yogi HIP HOP YOGA Retreat in Thailand 2018
My earth warriors and new paradigm shifters you already know.
Photo by Andrei Jewell #lessplasticmorefantastic —


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Did ya know ULTRACULTURAL OTHERS: Urban Mystery Skool offers a competitive 1-Month mystical self-study & wellness immersive for interdisciplinary creatives, post-studio artists, yung shamans, urban monks, queers, Buddha bitches, punk/Eco/hip hop Feminists and radical Others?Hosted by High Prieztezz Or NAH & Undakova w/ @gopushpops and rotating guest faculty in Manhattan's LES. 

Take our onboarding survey to begin the application process for 1-month micro-residencies in 2018-19 HERE *

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