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My Primal-Spiral has no beginning and no End 〰 〰 〰 〰

My Primal-Spiral 
has no beginning & no End 〰 〰  〰 〰

TARA ⚡️ is the Enlightened Female Buddha. 
She has a crescent-Moon as a diadem on her forehead, her face radiates the light of a thousand stars, and she holds the moon in the palm of her hand, like the ocean of Gods. Before she became a Buddha she was known as the Princess Yeshe Dawa "Wisdom-Moon" and today you can see her in the popular form as#SailorMoon Despite the traditional Buddhist belief that a person could only become enlightened in a man's body, Tara took a vow to only become enlightened in a female-bodyTara comes in many colors and forms, the best know is Green Tara who sits on a moon disk in your heart, radiating out love and compassion. TARA also comes in a #fierce blue-BLACK form in which she calls all beings to her side and removes poverty. TARA shares roots with other Dark Mothers as an archetype at the real invisible roots of consciousness, our basic need for balance, paradox, complexity and color finds expression in the Blackness of these Divine Mothers ...

Wodaabe tribe of #NigerAFRICA 

 Wodaabe translates to "People-Of-The-Taboo or 

"Those-Who-Respect-Taboos" 💚 

During ceremony WodaabeMen wear elaborate makeup and the women choose the flyest as their husband  ⚡️💎

    Participation in a culture is itself a form of routinization of Imagination and Perception  
 art by  @sofia_higa 

This moonlit sky  is the 

sign of consciousness dissolving 

into luminance. This sunlit sky ☀️ is the sign of luminance dissolving into radianceThis dark sky is the sign of radiance dissolving into imminence This 

predawn twilight sky is the sign of imminence 

dissolving into clear light 

🔅🔆🔑 from the Tibetan-Book-of-the-Dead a.k.a The-Book-of-Natural-Liberation a.k.a. Prayer-Of-the-Reality-In- Between

AMATERASU Sun Goddess ☀️ of Japanese folklore 
played by @aleesyvon Egyptian-Lovher
 Solara Saturnalia 2015

नीचे बकवास करने के लिए
a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

#serpentinepavilion  #Anthropotopia


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