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☀️ Inhabit Your Dark Places

Acknowledge you are living 
under the #spell of the Great Mother & she 

will nourish you, recognize we live in MATEReality & 

you will no longer be DEVOURED

The Black Madonna or Black-Mary of southern France is called St. Sara, or as the Gypsies say "Sara-la-Kali" the language of the Gypsies of southern France derives from Indian Sanskrit, and in this language #Kali means both "Gypsy-Woman" and "Black-On" 🔑 She is clearly connected to Hindu Kali, also called Black One, Black Warrior Goddess of Death-Time-Change 💀 Each Year in May, gypsies travel from all over Europe to venerate Sara-la-Kali a.k.a. "Queen-of-The-Gypsies" who resides in the crypt of the Church-by-the- Sea. Black Deities form the #Roots of all devotion 

                                                                       Rio De Janeiro, Brasil ART by @waynelawrence 


                      MUDRA THOT🏼✌🏽️

Bharata Natyam is a traditional Hindu 

dance form involving the use of Mudras, 

symbolic hand gestures or seals. Mudras focus Subtle-Energies and please the Deities while communicating myths and stories via the beauty, sensuality and Power of Temple-DancersIn Indian MythologyShiva is considered the supreme "Lord-of-Dance." This divine art form is performed by Lord Shiva & his wife Goddess-Parvathi. Lord Shiva performs "Tandava" which depicts his violent nature as the destructor of the universe. The dance performed by Goddess Parvathi is known as "Lasyain" which the movements are gentle, 

graceful & erotic  🏼✌🏽️

BHA va(expression) + RA ga (music) + TA la(rhythm) + NATYAM (dance) = 


  • To Choose #LOVE is to have a Mountain 
  • inside of You 🏼✌🏽️

TRANACONDA Man-Candy" installation during Milk and Night 
                @gallerysensei @milkandnightcuratorial photo @bedfordandbowery  🌾🐍🌾🔑 

नीचे बकवास करने के लिए
a.k.a. Rogue faerie locked in a Culture lacking organic female Rite Of Passagesensuous in her flights Of Language, hovering between frenzy / Reflection singing - swinging - swerving 

                SHABBA!! FULLNESS in LOVE 
            🏼✌🏽️           🏼✌🏽️    LIFE IN WHAT YOU DO 
                 #7FOLD #BECOMINGfullness #shabba


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