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Weekly Download: NEW UNDAKOVA 1hour long DJ mix Wednesday

Show your support to the patreon page with a donation and Every Wednesday you get to download a new 1hour fully stacked DJ set by UNDAKOVA at

What We'll Use the Money For

Our initial goal is $1,200/month. That money plus the store income will be enough to keep UNDAKOVA sustainable in NYC. Right now we are not running sustainably and the funds serve as emergency money when we are stuck in an airport or need to need to do a free gig to support the community and they don't provide transportation or food (can you believe this still happens to artist bringing our calibre of service?).

Here are UNDAKOVA costs:

  • Hosting. We need a robust enough hosting plan to support the highest spikes in traffic up to 25K visits a month so we don't crash during those moments and ruin my happiness.
  • Webdomain. Wouldn’t it be nice to have or instead of In order to have a domain name we have to pay a monthly fee. Hosting and domain names will be roughly $99 a year.
  • MailChimp. The service we use to email posts out to the subscription list. This fee grows as the email list grows.
  • Ongoing web development. It's a website, so there are always new information that has to be updated on it daily. I do the website myself but don’t have many programming skills, so I would need to pay someone for this.
  • Video editing. We travel and perform many places, so there are always videos that have to be edited to keep you updated with professional content if you missed something fun and important to share. My partner usually films with her iPhone but that is getting old and we need someone on deck with a GoPro and some editing skills to really create engaging content that represents the Undakova Experience.
  • Facebook post "boosts". When we announce a new post on Undakova page on Facebook or Undakova on Instagram, this makes sure that the announcement gets onto 1/3 or 1/2 of our Facebook followers' News Feeds.
  • Me. I need to continue to support my family who likes to eat things, wear things (cloth diapers and such) and turn lights and utilities on as I write curriculum, music and songs. Yes I am a father with one kid in a tiny NY 2-bedroom apt with a room mate and partner living with me, so needs are minimal but still on going and constantly growing as my service to my family and community grows.
  • Portable Amplified System We do a lot of performances outdoors and on different locations and it would be great if I didn’t take my home studio speakers which are super costly out in the weather in a shopping cart to DJ my events and to support our community when we are in event spaces. A PA system is a must and we need your help to retrieve a professional one.
  • One employee. We need someone to handle things like social media marketing on instagram and Facebook, etsy store upkeep, and a bunch of other little jobs. These things end up adding up to a few hours every day, and without this employee, I end up doing it all and have much less time to write posts and share my creativity. Especially with a crying baby who wants nothing more than my undivided attention.

That's the basics. With those pieces covered, UNDAKOVA can support itself.

Show your support to the UNDAKOVA with a $1 or more donation and Every Wednesday you receive a newly recorded 1hour DJ set by UNDAKOVA at


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