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Behind the scenes of my daily happenings and travels

That is right. There is a disco ball up there
Congo of Congo Sanchez is point up at it. 

Did Venus create an amazing brunch or what?
The lovely Melissae making sure her tribe is served. 

The Domestead. What a beautiful place to be this summer.

Fresh Water pool with Alkalizing water filters. 

I held a chicken for the first time in my life. 

The Crochades were keeping the inner smiles outwardly present. 

Got to visit my favorite nephew and niece in Hartford. 

Knit Heru met me in the fashion district NYC to design the latest Crochades. 

Singing by the River and eating some veggie kabobs on the grill. 

Mini Stone Henges all around. What a peaceful place in Mass. 

This "Blue" moon was shining down on Goddess mountain. It was spectacular. 

Mars Jupiter and Congo Sanchez rocked it here. I DJed and Venus and Christine performed poetry.


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Valentines Day is a yearly holiday where we all show gratitude and appreciation to the people who hold a special place in our hearts. Whether its your significant other, your parents, your siblings, friends, or co-workers, make sure to remind them how important they are to you and encourage them to continue doing what they love. Here at BEAT Global, we are proud to spread the love of music and creativity by providing Hip Hop based programming to our under served communities. Continue inspiring the people you love by continuing to do what you love. 

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