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New Moon Gathering this Sunday

Are you ready for this months New Moon? The New moon can help begin releasing what/who is no longer serving you allow for new  dreams to manifest. Holding on to something? Detach and LET IT GO
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Happy Holidays,
          May you find yourself in the company of loved ones who cherish your presence.    

         I have finally been able to physically experience life with Star Love Princess Lockerooo. What a blessing. Just in time for the holidays. Because of this current tour we both learned a big lesson in detachment. Also about what we as individuals to nurture ourselves, and to sustain our mutual desires and our separate desired lifestyles.
I am grateful for Star Love in my life. I realized I own my ability to love myself regardless of what circumstance may arrive. I also own my ability to ask for help when I need it.
Have you noticed how you can yell, march, insult, and have a tantrum but only through LOVING YOURSELF. and through LOVING COMMUNICATION can anyone fully understand how you deserve to be treated.
       NOW is the time we gather under the new moon.
LET GO of all that is no longer serving you.
Will you join us at the New Moon Gathering this Sunday?
Winter Solstice New Moon Gathering to enter 2015
Sunday December 21st 2014 the New Moon is a great time to begin planting seeds or intentions for what you want to experience. Without a moment to waste we let go of unwanted desires and circumstances that are no longer serving us and begin to utilize this wonderful auspicious moment in time to join together and take our dreams into reality for 2015.

::New Moon Flow::
Be guided in song through these 8 foundations of our existence to support you through the modern environment that we constantly have to contend with each day of our lives.
Based on the 8 Principals masterminded by UNDAKOVA.

::AT 8:30pm be taken on a journey which will set intentions, build your strength, open your eyes and expand your heart to experience the new month ahead. This will reinvigorate your soul.

What specifically are you looking to learn during this life-spiritually, physically, financially, technically, intellectually? about relationships?




:::A possibility of what it may look like.

"Let it Go" captured a moment in time for you
Was working in the Manhattan layer when this song randomly wanted to resurface called "Let it go." I decided to sing it to you while I was uploading it to my website pages. Here is the video link. Hope you enjoy.
Undakova Facebook
Undakova Facebook
Undakova Twitter
Undakova Twitter
Undakova Instagram
Undakova Instagram
Did you download your DJ UNDAKOVA Android APP to your phone that helps you see the latest videos, listen to music, and stay connected to DJ UNDAKOVA 24/7?

If you need a DJ who provides Music Entertainment/ MC services for various types of live events
, and Health & Wellness events you can easily book UNDAKOVA from the APP.

UNDAKOVA's next appearance at the NEW MOON GATHERING  this Sunday. Be there 8:30 sharp.
Don't forget to listen to "Let it Go" by clicking on this link
Need new pics? Model Crochades and shine within.
It is the perfect weather for those stylish nose warmers we love to call Crochades. Check out, home of "Hooty the Owl's" Crochade Glasses.
Crochades Facebook
Crochades Facebook
Crochades Website
Crochades Website
Join us this New Years Eve for a night like no other!
**Get Tickets here! (tickets are through Unicorn Meat NYC's eventbrite) **
Hello, Guess who's back? Star Love aka Princess Lockerooo. But she is only here for a limited amount of time before she once again heads off to spread Waacking throughout China and East Asia. Her first stop will be Korea.

This week be sure to catch her teaching class at Broadway Dance Center and EXPG.  

Schedule until December 27th

Broadway Dance Center
Tues & Thursday 7:30PM
Wed & Friday 2pm

Saturday at 5:30PM

Now is a good time to get your ***Private Lessons***
For more information please follow Princess Lockerooo on the links listed below.

Lockerooo Facebook
Lockerooo Facebook
PRLockerooo Twitter
PRLockerooo Twitter
Lockerooo Instagram
Lockerooo Instagram
Star Love Music
Star Love Music
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