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Have No Doubts

Have No Doubts
by Undakova

I know this world is cold but just realize
If ya breathing now then you can feel alive
Everything that happens starts from inside
Close your eyes right now and just visualize
You could have your own entire enterprise
Own your own corporation and devise
A mission to heal the world for you and I

And sometimes you feel like your crucified
Feeling victimized cause maybe you have tried
To do your best, your stressed, thinking that you should hide
Hold ya head up high, do what you do with pride
The pressures on you thinking it's a do or die
But too much stress will leave you with suicide
Relax, take my hand and let's unify

I felt alone like I am here without you
I am still at home with with no one to shout to
Sometimes it seems I don’t know the route to
get to my dreams to me their a mouthful
but then again that means they’ll amount to
A bigger goal for me to reach out to
I am in control of being less doubtful

Cause having doubts will leave you with a negative
Mind state, that won't make it better and
You won't be happy if you just settled when
You were close to you goals, but then yet again
Opportunity knocked, you'd didn’t let him in
Cause instead of receiving, you severing
Stay positive your beliefs the medicine
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