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Beyond the cloud of grief toward Ascension-EZINE

Move beyond the cloud of grief 
I just did a powerful ritual around making room for the good energy coming into my life. It consisted of sacrificial love. (the type of love where you have to leave something behind in order to bring in the love that we want) In other words transmuting what is leaden in life into what is golden.

I let go of journals that I have had since 2001. (The water element can be as destructive as fire as you can see in the image above) I went from telling the universe I still needed the "cliff notes" on all of the lessons I have learned since 2001 "just incase" to all of the wisdom I need in with me now and easily accessible. Fuggedaboutit! you are the technology you need.

Sometimes just REDUCING stuff is enough. 
You don't have to do a total overhaul. 
For example I had a jumble of medals and pins I had gained over the years from USOPEN, or track meets, or from some event etc. 
They were all tied together and I would always hide them in some area that made sense for them all to be together. Finally they were stuffed in an area that my finances were represented in like a safe box etc. 
So Today I took them out an cut the cords all of the medallions were on. And took all the pins off. Now it is much easier to store without the lengthy neck ties attached to them. That way I can atleast keep some part of the memory in tack. 

In the end these medallions are just matter and don't prove anything other than bring up a memory of the past. I feel the hardest part about throwing stuff out is it brings up the emotion of having to grieve for something. We are grieving a loss of a part of ourselves. 

The good part it brings in something new and more conducive to our current and future reality.
Also makes peace with the past when said and done with a new memory attached of the ritual and graciousness we part with our past items. 



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