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DJ UNDAKOVA's music ranges from disco, funk and breaks, to classic dance tracks smoothly mixed with his own creations. His sets fill the dance floor air with Latin beats, Reggae and Inspirational Hip Hop so effortlessly, the music is like smoke from different scented candles mixing in the air: you taste and smell them all at once but can’t tell them apart.
But whatever DJ UNDAKOVA plays, he creates a wonderfully positive vibe that makes the crowd go into a trance on the dance floor. His sets take us from a positive disco set, across the dance rhythms of the world, to great ethnic-house.
DJ UNDAKOVA's superb musical taste, appreciation for all danceable rhythms and great artistic sensitivity, makes him a unique DJ that moves the crowd.

Press play to hear the latest live mixes from DJ Undakova. Stay up and stay blessed.

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