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DJ U.N.D.A.K.O.V.A grew up in the lower east side of Manhattan where 'swag' came to mean something that had to be flashy, bought and displayed in order to be seen as an artistic success. Ten years ago this urban artist was introduced to the benefits of yoga and meditation and for the past decade has been inspired to share those benefits through his music. For him, success means re-establishing the positive message of Hip-Hop culture: that all forms of authentic artistic expression can be empowering for communities and teach self-love. Undakova has since opened stages for Hip Hop legends Black Sheep, LL COOL J, KRS ONE, GEORGE CLINTON. As a DJ his great artistic sensitivity enable him to move the crowd whether spinning disco, funk and breaks or Latin beats. As a songwriter and producer he is a lyrical wordsmith who blends catchy melodies and socially conscious and uplifting messages that pulse along to the heartbeat of listeners.

UNDAKOVA is leadership, empowerment, creativity and love.

UNDAKOVA has been producing and songwriting music since 1994. He began learning to compose and read music in elementary school the (Louis Armstrong Memorial Band) in Lower Manhattan. In the early 90's the community in lower manhattan called UNDAKOVA and his crew "UnderRated."UNDAKOVA and his friends where top Hip Hop Mcs at the ages of 14. UNDAKOVA picked up DJing after searching through his fathers records who was also a DJ. He also enjoyed producing music after receiving a CASIO Keyboard for christmas. He would compose entire soundscapes and various genres of self-produced music and recorded it to tape. The rest is history.

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"As time moves on I am continuously moving toward a time when I am totally happy and fulfilled. My beliefs are that life offers me everything I need for the journey and I am a unique, radiant, loving being."

Influenced by rappers KRS ONE, The Fresh Prince, Black Sheep, and LL Cool Jay

You can see Undakova video on his Youtube Channel The Unda-World I am a generous giver and an excellent receiver. I am my choices in life, I choose to be wealthy, I choose to be loving, I choose to be thankful, I choose to be free and connected to mother earth and grounded in the moment. I also choose to be creative and artistic and you can listen to my Undakova Music for Free all over the web. I am who I am and glory in that. -David J Williams a.k.a. Undakova
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